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Avengers: Infinity War director Joe Russo may have sparked another round of Community movie speculation by taking a selfie with three of the show's stars. Russo and his partner/brother Anthony have become huge in Hollywood by helming three Avengers films, with a fourth awaiting. But they actually got their start on television shows like Community, Happy Endings and Arrested Development.

Created by Rick and Morty mastermind Dan Harmon, Community ran on NBC for five seasons, with a sixth airing on Yahoo!. Set at fictional Greendale Community College, starring a cast of misfit characters bonding through their study group, Community was never a big ratings winner. However, the series did develop a small, incredibly loyal following. Never did that cult become more obnoxiously vocal than when NBC fired showrunner Dan Harmon ahead of season 4. Cries for Harmon to return indeed resulted in his being re-hired for season 5. Fans also expressed their love via the #sixseasonsandamovie hashtag, inspired by a throw-away line from the show. The six seasons part has happened, but the movie remains just a dream for now.

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Joe and Anthony Russo long ago moved on from Community, but recently Joe caught up with some of the cast members he and his brother used to direct. The Russo Brothers Twitter account posted a shot of Joe with Joel McHale, Danny Pudi and Jim Rash. And yes, the tweet includes the obligatory hashtag calling for six seasons and a movie. See the tweet below.

Reunion... @joelmchale @dannypudi @RashisTVUgly #sixseasonsandamovie

— Russo Brothers (@Russo_Brothers) March 3, 2018

While there has been no hard news about a Community movie getting made, many of the principles involved remain optimistic that it will happen. Dan Harmon himself recently discussed prospects for the movie and seemed upbeat. Harmon noted that efforts continue to make the movie happen. And he said he occasionally has discussions with the Russo Brothers themselves about the project. Given the Russos' enormous clout in Hollywood, if they want the movie to happen, they can make it happen. Their MCU films have thus far made nearly $5 billion, with Infinity War sure to massively pad that total. How could Disney turn them down if they asked to make their Community movie passion project a reality?

If there remains a stumbling-block to assembling the full Community cast, it might be luring back Donald Glover. An original cast member, Glover left during season 5 to pursue other projects. Now that Glover has himself become a huge deal through his acclaimed series Atlanta, not to mention his high-profile film roles, would he want to revisit Community? Glover seems like a "no looking back" sort of fellow, so maybe not. But then again you never know. If Harmon and the Russos got down on their knees, maybe they could beg Glover to come back and play surprisingly nerdy and over-sensitive former football star Troy Barnes one last time. And some Disney cash might not hurt either.

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