'Community' Season 6 Teaser: Better, Stronger, Faster

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NBC announced earlier this year it would not renew Community for a season 6, and for a time it appeared the series' triumphant return to form in season 5 had all been for naught. Hopes were well and truly dashed when even Hulu passed on reviving the comedy, but then came Yahoo to the rescue.

Thanks to Yahoo Screen - the site's digital streaming channel - Community is one step closer to achieving that omnipresent milestone of 'six seasons and a movie.' However, since the announcement, details about when we can expect a return to Greendale have been slim.

At the show's Comic-Con panel, Harmon didn't have a whole lot of information concerning season 6 (besides revealing that the deal with Yahoo came at the last minute and that he doesn't intend to shake-up the show's formula).

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Much like this teaser (above), actually, which was also aired at the panel. Comprised entirely of clips from the series' previous seasons (season 6 isn't even written yet, let alone filmed), the teaser makes a point to remind us of Community's better moments and perhaps in the process hint at Yahoo's plans for the series.

And thankfully, those plans appear to be leave Harmon to work his magic. As Joel McHale recently commented, "The restraints I’m assuming will be way less and it’s like this just playground now for [show creator] Dan [Harmon]." He also said, "Unencumbered Dan Harmon is very exciting."

Harmon, along with executive producer Chris McKenna, will continue to call the shots, and McHale, Gillian Jacobs, Jim Rash, Alison Brie, Danny Pudi, Ken Jeong, and Yvette Nicole Brown are all expected to return. John Oliver remains a possibility, but there's been no word on whether Jonathan Banks would be returning as well or if another role is required to fill that Pierce Hawthorne-sized hole left by Chevy Chase's season 4 departure.

One cast member who probably won't return is Donald Glover, who left partway through Community season 5. On that subject, Harmon did have something to say at the Comic-Con panel: "Troy’s out there somewhere. He may be in peril. That’s what movies are made of." Of course, everyone knows Community's mantra by now: 'Six seasons and a movie.'

Hulu May Resurrect Community Season 6

But discussing a movie is getting ahead of ourselves, as season 6 comes first. The 13-episode season Yahoo Screen ordered was first expected to air sometime this fall, but now it seems the earliest we could expect Community's return will be early 2015.

And while the show has made the transition from network television to streaming content, the intent is for Community to continue airing weekly, meaning new episodes will not drop all at once a la Arrested Development on Netflix.

Will you continue to watch Community once it begins airing on Yahoo Screen? What sort of changes, if any, do you expect or want in season 6? Sound off in the comments below!

Community season 6 will air on Yahoo Screen at some point in the near future. No premiere date has been set, but stay tuned to Screen Rant for more info.

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