'Community': Will Season 6 Include a Chevy Chase Cameo?

Hologram Chevy Chase from Community

Despite multiple cancellations and the whittling-down of the popular original cast, Season 6 of Dan Harmon's fan-favorite Community will show up next year on Yahoo! Screen (though we still await a release date), with hopes of a long-teased movie still alive.

We've seen images of the show's new cast members, but Donald Glover is gone and we know that Yvette Nicole Brown will not return for Season 6. However, after piecing together a few recent updates, there appears to be a (slim) chance that fans will see Chevy Chase possibly return in a cameo.

Community fans - and the denizens of the TV news landscape as a whole - have not forgotten Chase's departure from the show before the fourth season had finished filming; a move which most people saw coming well in advance, after the actor's long and very public feud with creator Dan Harmon. Chase's character Pierce Hawthorne returned for a brief cameo early in Season 5, only to see his character officially killed off.

Now we have a few hints (courtesy of Screen Crush) that the possibility of a Chevy Chase cameo somewhere toward the beginning of the show's sixth - and likely final - season may be real. Chase recently answered fan questions for a Reddit AMA and when the notion of a return to Community inevitably came up, Chase responded by saying:

I will be in a small cameo at the beginning of Community and if they ask me to come back and do one or two appearances, it's a possibility.

Chevy Chase and Joel McHale

The wording of Chase's reply points toward his confusing the question with his Season 5 cameo. Indeed, later on in the AMA, Chase responded to whether he would return to Community permanently (rather than just for a brief appearance or two) by saying, "I feel like I've been there and done that? And the show probably has a different shape, feel, and is going on its own good merits."

Still, a Sony Pictures Television representative told TVLine only that Chase “is not confirmed to appear in Season 6 at this time.” The last three words of this response appears to be interpreted by many to mean that perhaps a deal for a quick Chase cameo hasn't been worked out yet.

Is Chase's return necessary to Season 6? And what form could it take - flashback, hallucination, dream sequence? All are possible - this is Community, after all. Star Joel McHale spoke of "less restraints" for Dan Harmon at Yahoo!, so if the showrunners have their eye on a potential film (or a series of them), the inclusion of Chase might be a way to close the door on the past once and for all... assuming it happens.

Community Season 6 will premiere on Yahoo! Screen in 2015.

Source: Screen Crush

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