'Community' Season 6 Photos Reveal New Cast Members

Community Season 6 Photos Reveal New Cast

Dan Harmon's Community is like the little show that could; no matter the setbacks it suffers the series just rolls on. It'll begin its sixth season early next year on Yahoo! Screen (though no official premiere date has been announced) and from there, it's only a film away from accomplishing that dream of #SixSeasonsAndAMovie.

The Community that will air online, however, won't look exactly like the Community that aired on NBC earlier this year. Prior to the series ending its run on network television, regulars Chevy Chase and Donald Glover had already left (though hopes for Glover's return remain high). Then only a few months ago Community's revival was hit by another blow when Yvette Nicole Brown announced she would not be returning for season 6 due to a family matter.

The loss of Brown brings the Greendale 7 down to only four; and while other characters like Jim Rash's Dean Pelton and Ken Jeong's Chang remain prominent, the loss of now almost half the original study group might be the series' toughest hurdle yet. Still, there's no reason to think that any season 6 newcomers won't work - just look at how well Jonathan Banks gelled with the cast last season.

A couple weeks ago we learned just who would be Community's new season 6 cast members - Keith David and Paget Brewster. David is playing Elroy Patashnik, a "washed-up inventor who enrolls at Greendale to reinvent himself," and Brewster is Francesca "Frankie" Dart, "a consultant hired to help shape things up at the underachieving Greendale Community College."

TV Guide has the first images from season 6 of David and Brewster, along with Rash and Joel McHale. Check them out below!


Paget Brewster and Joel McHale in Community Season 6

Brewster's Frankie (pictured above with McHale) is going to "butt heads" with the Dean, TV Guide reports, as she tries desperately to help fix up the dysfunctional community college. Harmon says they were looking for a "female character that represented the threat of disappointment"; someone the other character would fear letting downWhich sounds like she won't be making any friends at Greendale right away, but she's not the bad guy either. She could just do with a few less school-wide paintball battles, for instance.

Keith David Joel McHale and Jim Rash in Community Season 6

As for David's Elroy, the older actor is clearly filling the hole left by both Chase and Banks; something Harmon acknowledges by saying they "needed someone of this age range because the human experience comes in stages." And the fact he identifies himself as an inventor will be a large part of his character. (I'm going to guess that his penchant for inventing will make him very well-liked by Abed. Can you imagine all the crazy stuff Abed could ask him to make? Just look at what he's wearing!)

As David explains:

"I'm the guy who did all these wonderful ideas that didn't pan out. I'm interested to see how we explore that. I understand something about being a dinosaur in a way."

Do you have high hopes for Community season 6? How do you think these new cast members will fit within the dynamic of the show? Let us hear from you in the comments below!

Community season 6 will air on Yahoo! Screen at some point in the near future. No premiere date has been set, but stay tuned to Screen Rant for more info.

Source: TV Guide

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