Hulu Passes on 'Community' Season 6? [Updated]

Hulu passes on Community season 6

[UPDATE: Hulu may still be interested in Community S6. Read on for details.]

It's something of a miracle that Community - Dan Harmon's cult favorite comedy TV series about lovable, but dysfunctional misfits attending a community college - managed to stay alive on NBC for five seasons, despite continuous low ratings and the generally-maligned fourth season, where Harmon was booted off as the show-runner (before he returned for season 5). If the show does get a sixth season (and a movie?) then it won't be on Hulu, as the streaming video service has passed on the chance to bring more of Greendale's student body and faculty's antics to it viewers.

NBC officially canceled Community a couple months ago, but that unwelcome news was quickly followed up by rumors that the show's sixth season could wind up becoming original content from Netflix (similar to when the company premiered Arrested Development season 4). Such claims were quickly shot down by Netflix reps, only to be replaced by reports that Hulu was in early talks to acquire Community S6.

Unfortunately, TV Line is now reporting that a deal for Hulu to pickup Community has failed to materialize, for whatever reasons (rights issues might have been a contributing factor). Sony Pictures Television - the studio behind the Community property - now has a week left to try and find a new home for the show's proposed sixth season, as the deals with the show's main cast members expire on June 30th. One of TV Line's sources is hinting that there could already be a deal in the making with another company to take on Community season 6, mentioning that "Sony does not give up easily [and] a lot can happen in one week." Look for an update on that situation very soon.

UPDATE: The Wrap is reporting that talks the Community/Hulu talks have not fallen apart just yet, and the site is also claiming that there is "at least one other entity" interested in acquiring the proposed Community season 6.

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Harmon commented on Community being cancelled not too long after it happened, but his reaction wasn't all that passionate (either in a positive or a negative direction) - and, to be perfectly honest, I can see where he's coming from. It would be fun to see the show realize what has become the dream of "Six Seasons and a Movie" - which, lest we forget, started out as a joke about short-lived superhero TV show The Cape - and, in truth, if NBC hadn't gone and dropped the axe on the series, I'd be just as excited as the next Community fan to see it continue onward and upward.

Thing is, in many ways the first three seasons of Community stand up fine on their own; season 4, well, there's a good reason that the events that occurred in that season are quickly dismissed as being part of "Gas Leak Year," whenever mentioned in conversations by the characters in S5. Abed meta-referenced the fifth year as being akin to a Scrubs: Interns style rebirth, yet Community season 5 almost plays out more as an enjoyable multi-episode epilogue to the rest of the show. All things considered, a sixth season just doesn't feel like so much of a necessity.

... But if Community does get picked up somewhere for season 6, then you won't hear me complain about it.


We'll keep you posted on the future (or lack thereof) of Community.

Source: TV Line

Update Source: The Wrap

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