'Community' Season 6 Details Revealed at Comic-Con 2014

Dan Harmon and the cast of 'Community' revealed a few details about season 6 during Comic Con 2014.

Community Season 6 Comic Con 2014

Did anyone honestly think that we'd be talking about Community being at San Diego Comic-Con again after the show's latest brush with death? Community fans are indefatigable and the show has, for all the talk about it being a perpetual hard luck underdog, been very lucky, but this latest magic act was something else. Powerful ancient mystical magic? Probably not, but we're not prepared to rule anything out.

You know the story by now: the ambitious souls at Yahoo Screen saved the flat-lining show from becoming the sitcom version of the perpetually mourned Firefly. And while we got a few details at the time of the deal, the Community team released a little bit more info during Comic-Con about nearly not making it back, how fans will be able to digest season 6, and who might (and won't) come back.

Regarding the deal, Harmon let it be known that the Yahoo negotiations went down to the wire, with executives asking him for a decision about three hours before the deadline. Past that moment, the cast would've been free to leave their deals with Sony or possibly seek better terms.

While there's no guarantee that that would've happened (everybody says they love being on whichever show they're on, but you want to believe that the Community cast has a bond after all the ups and downs, don't you?), Harmon did apparently say "No" to the resurrection before accepting the deal thanks to Yahoo's coolness and his desire to not be the reason Community didn't return.

Donald Glover in Community

While Harmon, executive producer Chris McKenna and the main cast from last season will be back, it doesn't seem like Donald Glover (who memorably sailed away on an adventure of discovery last season) will be, though Harmon had some fun with what will surely be an oft-asked question considering the popularity of Glover's character on the show:

"Troy's out there somewhere. He may be in peril. That's what movies are made of."

John Oliver's status seems a little more positive for season 6, but only a little, as Harmon indicated that it was "contractually possible." He was hesitant to say anything more concrete due to Oliver's day job on Last Week Tonight with John Oliver. However, as Joel McHale (the host of the weekly late night cable series The Soup) pointed out, Oliver's show only airs once a week.

As for the overall look of the show - now that Harmon is being turned loose on the internet without broadcast standards, he doesn't seem terribly eager to push the show to the point where it is foreign to its adoring fans. A smart move considering the patience and dedication (and maybe mystical powers) that they have demonstrated time and time again over the years.

Community will start production late this summer and will air weekly on Yahoo Screen. Currently, there's no release date, but stay tuned to Screen Rant for more information.

Source: Digital Spy

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