'Community' Season 5 Premiere Scheduled for January 2014

Community Cast in the Cafeteria

Another fall season has started, and some of the new shows have already crashed and burned. NBC has decided to cancel the drama remake Ironside, as well as their new comedy, Welcome to the Family. While this is bad news for these series, it is great news for fans of the meta cult hit Community.

With the cancelation of these two shows creating an openings in their lineup, NBC has finally announced when fans can see the return of their favorite Greendale students - January 2, 2014.

NBC shocked fans of Community by not only renewing the struggling comedy for a fifth season, but also bringing back the creator of the series, Dan Harmon. It was looking like Community was getting back on track after a rough fourth season - and #sixseasonsandamovie might even be possible. Until NBC decided to hold off on premiering the new season until 2014, and Donald Glover said that he would only appear in 5 episodes of the fifth season. It seemed like whatever momentum the show had was slowing down a bit. Now it appears Greendale's semester will begin shortly thanks in part to the cancellation of Welcome to the Family.

Community - Cast

NBC has announced that Community will make its triumphant return for its fifth season next year. The series will join Parks and Recreation, Sean Saves the World, and The Michael J. Fox Show on Thursday nights starting January 2 - kicking things off with two brand new episodes. This will be the first season run by Dan Harmon since 2012. Harmon was famously fired from the show when the ratings were dropping in the third season - and after his very public fight with actor Chevy Chase.

Community is one of my favorite television series and I couldn't be any more excited to finally see the continuing adventures of Greendale's most notorious study group. Usually NBC drops shows that have a strong fan base, but don't do as well in the ratings (ex. Heroes and Scrubs) but thankfully the network hasn't given up on Community, and neither have fans of the series. Now that Dan Harmon is back at the helm, Chevy Chase has left the show, and Firefly alum Nathan Fillion has joined the cast; hopefully Community can return to the glory days of the first three seasons and we could even one day see a sixth season (and possibly a movie).


Community will return with its fifth season on January 2, 2014.

Source: Entertainment Weekly

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