Fired 'Community' Creator Dan Harmon Asked Back for Season 5?

Dan Harmon Talks Community Season 4

Just over a couple weeks ago, surprising news came from NBC that the seemingly-struggling comedy series Community had been renewed for season 5. Series regular Ken Jeong even had tweets prepared to say farewell to the show, which he never got to send...

But with a fifth season officially on the horizon, more news has surfaced which might give way for the brightest timeline yet for longtime Community fans (inside joke). Though series creator and showrunner Dan Harmon was fired after the end of season 3, he has now been asked to come back for season 5.

TV Line reports that during a recording of his Harmontown podcast (via, the series creator mentioned that he had been invited back to the series for season 5. Supposedly, after he dropped that bomb, Harmon asked the podcast crew to edit out that bit, only to say, "Ah, f–k it. I don’t care who knows!

What's not clear at this point is if Harmon was asked to return to the series as showrunner, or if he's merely been offered a consulting producer position - a job he turned down while still bitter about his firing from the series. But still, the fact that Harmon has been approached to return to the series could be great news for fans.

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Though series producers and new showrunners David Guarascaio and Moses Port did their best to capture the spirit of Community in season 4, many of their attempts felt artificial and pandered to the audience. There were a few episodes that landed gracefully, and even not-so-great episodes had their moments, but bringing Harmon back for the fifth season would be spectacular, especially if this turns out to be the final season.

As of now, there's no guarantee that Harmon will return, but at least the door is open, and the possibility is there. Is there any chance Harmon might try to get Chevy Chase back after the actor left the show towards the end of the fourth season? Harmon joked on the podcast that the only way he would return would be if Chase was invited back as well, which prompted laughter. Chase's return is unlikely considering the behind-the-scenes feuding with Harmon, but as has always been the case with Community, anything is possible.


Community doesn't have a set return date yet, but the fifth season will likely premiere in the midseason of 2014 sinceNBC's fall 2013 comedy schedule is already chock-full of programming. Stay tuned for more updates.

Source: TV Line

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