'Community' Producer Confident About Season 4

Community season 4

Even though NBC has not revealed their plans for the future of Community, there may be hope that the cult series will be returning to television next year - that is, if you believe Community producer Russ Kransoff.

Speaking at the Community panel from this year's Paley Fest, Kransoff said that they're "feeling pretty confident" about Community receiving a season 4 order. With Fringe producers using the phrase "negotiations are ongoing" for their possible renewal, the fact that Kransoff says that he feels "confident" may be a sign of good things to come.

Krannoff continued, revealing that “the people at NBC love the show” - adding further credence to the possibility of Community season 4 becoming a reality. Unfortunately as Eureka fans can certainly attest to, even when a network loves a series, that may not be enough to save it from cancellation. Of course, perhaps the series' boisterous fans may help change that.

In an Avengers-size campaign, Community’s loyal fans have assembled to save the show by taking to Twitter, Tumblr and Facebook, making such hashtags as #SaveCommunity, and #SixSeasonsAndAMovie. Even the cast of Community was not above shameless ploys to save the show, teaming up with CollegeHumor to release a mock PSA for Greendale Community College.

While it may not be another full season, NBC eventually announced that Community will return on Thursday, March 15 to complete its third season, which will include one character dropping out of Greendale Community College – permanently.

As previously reported, one character from the series will die during the series' second half. McHale gave a hint at Paley Fest: "[it’s] someone you've seen a lot. And he dies in the mid-afternoon."

Even though Community has its return date, executive producer Neil Goldman still urges the show’s fans to continue to show their support. "We need you guys again," Says Goldman. "You'll get to see these next 12 [episodes], but continue to spread that word and be loud. Twitter is great, but sometimes we think it’s preaching to the converted. I don’t know that we'll ever be able to reach those eight families who have Nielsen boxes, but keep it up."


Community returns to NBC on Thursday, March 15 @8pm.

Source: TVLine

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