'Community' Season 4 Adds Malcolm McDowell as History Professor

Malcolm McDowell

Greendale Community College has had its fair share of lessons from guest stars like Betty White, Michael K. Williams, John Michael Higgins, Kevin Corrigan, and John Oliver. Now another recognizable name will teach everyone's favorite study group in season 4 of Community.

The Hollywood Reporter has learned that veteran actor Malcolm McDowell has landed a two-episode arc on Community as Professor Cornwallis, a history teacher. It's not clear how early in the season McDowell will appear, but considering the short order of the fourth (and maybe final) season, it probably won't be long before he does.

McDowell is well known for his iconic turn in Stanley Kubrick's twisted A Clockwork Orange, but more recently, he's made television his acting home with series like Entourage, Heroes, and Franklin & Bash on TNT. In recent years, McDowell has a tendency to take nearly any job that comes his way, so while his name might not be worth as much as it once was, the guy is still a part of cinematic history and a great actor.

Plus, on a series like Community, we'll probably get some kind of pop culture reference to his prolific film and TV career.

Community Cast in the Cafeteria

The fourth season of Community will be under careful eyes from both fans and network executives alike. Fans are concerned about the new showrunners (producers David Guarascaio and Moses Port are taking over for creator Dan Harmon, who recently spoke candidly about being fired), and executives will be watching to see if they should add to the 13-episode order for this season, depending on the ratings in the new Friday time slot.

If this ends up being the last season of Community, I hope it's at least a respectful continuation of the series. NBC seems to be struggling to keep their existing comedy series alive (The Office looks to be on its way out), and new series (like Michael J. Fox's new untitled series) are on the way to replace them. But as a fan of Community, I hope the new showrunners can keep it alive and well, maybe for several more seasons to come.

Season 4 of Community premieres Friday, October 19th @8:30pm on NBC.


Source: THR

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