'Community' Season 3 Will Kill Off a Familiar Character

A Community Character Will Die

Back in November, the Internet was in an uproar because NBC had released its midseason schedule and Community wasn't on it. The show may not have had the highest ratings, but it does have a devoted fan-base, and that fan-base was incensed.

Eventually, it was announced that Community would return – "at some point" (probably in the spring) – but little else was divulged on the matter. Now we know that once it does return - one of the characters will meet his maker.

According to Joel McHale, by way of TV Guide:

"A character from the show will die."

As for who will die, McHale wouldn't specify. However, he did say it wouldn't be a member of the main cast. Shocker?

McHale continued:

"[It's] someone you've seen a lot. And he dies in the mid-afternoon."

That last part sounds less like a clue and more like an empirical statement. He dies in the mid-afternoon. Or maybe it is a clue?

Regardless, we know that the dead person in question is a he, right? And we know that the "he" isn't Jeff, Abed, Troy, or Pierce. The question is – does Dean Pelton count as a main character? Does Senor Chang? If the answer is no, there's probably a very good chance that Chang will bite the dust. His increasingly self-destructive behavior over the past two seasons (coupled with Ken Jeong's increasingly frequent movie appearances) could very well lead to – well, self-destruction.

If the answer is yes, then that narrows our options down to:

  • Dr. Ian Duncan (John Oliver)
  • Vaughn Miller (Eric Christian Olsen)
  • Star-Burns (Dino Stamatopoulous)
  • Leonard Briggs, A.K.A. the old man (Richard Erdman)
  • Rich Stephenson, A.K.A. Jeff's nemesis (Greg Cromer)
  • Magnitude, A.K.A. the Pop Pop guy (Luke Youngblood)
  • Fat Neil (Charley Koontz)

We haven't seen Dr. Duncan for a while, so it's unlikely to be him. Same goes for Vaughn. The running Star-Burns joke – namely, that the guy has sideburns shaped like stars – has run its course, so perhaps that makes him a prime candidate. Leonard is an elderly man, so it makes perfect sense that he could die – in the mid-afternoon or otherwise. Despite being a seemingly wholesome human being, Rich has so far existed as Jeff's antagonist, thus a battle royale between the two that ended in Rich's demise is not out of the question. A dead Magnitude would basically be a non-event, considering we've barely heard more than two words from him (literally -- "Pop pop"). And there's already been an entire episode that revolved around the main cast trying to stop Fat Neil from dying, so it's doubtful they'd return to that well.

From the above list, I'd put my money on Star-Burns or Leonard, with Leonard being the more likely of the two. He's elderly. It makes sense.

But what are your thoughts, Screen Ranters? Any guesses? Preferences? Let us know in the comments.

Hopefully, Community can eek out at least another season. While I'm of the opinion that the show has been less consistently excellent since season one -- though still peppered with absolute gems -- I would be incredibly disappointed to see the show go.

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Community will return to NBC this Spring, whatever that means.

Source: TV Guide [via Warming Glow]

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