'Community' Cast Memo Leaked: How To Handle Creator Firing

How do you handle the firing of a show creator? If you're Sony, you send out a memo. Unfortunately, 'Community's' memo about Dan Harmon has been leaked.

Community - Season 4

Following the firing of Community creator Darn Harmon as showrunner on the series, Sony Pictures Television (the studio that produces the show), sent out a memo to the cast about how to handle any Harmon-related questions that may arise. Unfortunately for Sony, the memo has been leaked.

Titled "Community Message Points," the memo, released by The Hollywood Reporter, presents four general questions relating to Harmon's departure, with appropriate guidelines for a response. Apparently, everyone is either "excited" or "looking forward" to starting Community season 4. (Though one should ask, just to be sure).

While not exactly putting the situation in a positive light, a memo of this type is to be expected, and potentially welcomed, from everyone involved in the series. Certainly not conveying everyone's true feelings, the simple fact is that actors will need to talk to the press - and they have to say something.

Obviously not wanting to relish on the unfortunate event that occurred, having some form of guidelines on how best to handle the situation is far more helpful to everyone involved – including the series. Additionally, the memo specifically says that some of the actors said that "they'd like some guidance on the topic."

Community Dan Harmon

That being said, its release will certainly make any upcoming interviews much more interesting. With most fans knowing the guidelines that Sony provided the cast, one has to wonder if they'll continue to stick to the "script."

Ultimately, we are excited for Community season 4 – just like Sony told the cast that they should say they are. So instead of focusing on a decision that cannot be changed, let's focus on something else:

… like getting Community off of Friday nights, following Whitney.

You can read the complete memo below:

Team Community:

With last night's news of David Guarascio and Moses Port as new showrunners/EPs on "Community" running in the press, and since we know that cast members have interviews coming up this week, I wanted to forward some messaging we hope our cast will find helpful as they navigate questions that will undoubtedly come up. I know that David and Moses are reaching out to them all directly but I've also heard from some of the actors that they'd like some guidance on the topic.

I saw some of the tweets that went out and were glad they all addressed their own sentiments quickly, and we're hoping that the news will lose some steam over the next day, especially if we're not perpetuating the topic in any way

We're tracking the coverage and conversation and will circle back if we feel the need to reshift our plan or messaging. Please let me know if you have questions.

Why did Dan get let go from the show?

We're not made aware of why staffing changes take place but I will always be grateful to Dan for his great work on the show and wish him only the best. We're also excited that we'll be back on NBC's schedule in the fall and are looking forward to working on those episodes.

Were you aware that Dan was going to be let go?

No, that's not something we're consulted on. I'm sad to see him go but I am looking forward to starting our next 13 episodes of "Community."

Did the studio or network consult with you about these changes?

No they didn't but we're looking forward to working with David Guarascio & Moses Port on a new season of Community.

What are their plans for the new season?

It's a little early to say at this point but we're looking forward the stories our characters will find themselves in come Sept.


Community season 4 premieres Fall 2012 on NBC.

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Source: The Hollywood Reporter

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