Community: Where Are They Now?


The beloved and critically acclaimed sitcom Community, created by Dan Harmon, is widely considered one of the best TV shows in the history of television. Starring Joel McHale as the quick-witted ex-lawyer Jeff Winger; Gillian Jacobs as the self-proclaimed social activist Britta Perry; Danny Pudi as the pop-culture-obsessed nerd Abed Nadir; Donald Glover as the nerdy ex-jock Troy Barnes; Alison Brie as the studious goodie two-shoes Annie Edison; Yvette Nicole Brown as the well-intentioned provider of unsolicited advice Shirley Bennett; Chevy Chase as the group's racist uncle Pierce Hawthorne; Jim Rash as the costume-loving Dean; and Ken Jeong as whoever Chang needs to be that season. Community is a hilarious and smart TV show everyone should watch.

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The show ran for six seasons, but we're still not giving up on that movie. Don't think we forgot: #sixseasonsandamovie. It's been four years since the show has gone off the air and we've decided to check up on the cast and see what they've been up to these days.

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Portrayed by the 1980s star Chevy Chase, Pierce Hawthorne was surely the most polarizing and disliked member of the group. Pierce come off as crude, bigoted, and tactless most of the time, putting him at odds with his friends at every turn. He had no grasp of typical social norms and often made remarks that were rude and offensive. Noted, his bigoted and abusive father shoulders part of the blame for Pierce’s behavior.

Behind the scenes, Chevy Chase’s problematic personality caused difficulties for everyone one set, so Dan Harmon fired him, leading to Pierce’s death on the show. After Community, Chevy Chase mostly did comedy movies, most recently starring in Netflix’s The Last Laugh.



Portrayed by the multi-talented Donald Glover, Troy Barnes was a student at Greendale who went on a life-changing journey with his childhood idol LeVar Burton and never came back. Troy was Abed’s best friend and the co-host of everyone’s favorite talk show Troy and Abed in the Morning (points for being a human being if you did your best Troy and Abed impression – we know we did).

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Since he left Community in season five, Donald Glover has been working on various projects. He released an album and a number of singles under the stage name Childish Gambino and won four Grammy Awards for his single “This is America”. Glover also created the critically acclaimed series Atlanta, on which he stars and serves as a writer and director.



Dean-a-ling-a-ling! If there's one thing you could always count on to brighten up your day it's Greendale’s Dean Craig Pelton entering a room in dumb costume with irrelevant news and, naturally, a pun based around his title. Dean’s silly antics generated some of the show’s biggest laughs so it’s no wonder Jim Rash was upped to series regular starting from season three.

Once Community came to an end, Jim Rash kept busy, appearing in Captain America: Civil War as the Dean of MIT, guest-starring on shows like The Odd Couple, Curb Your Enthusiasm, and Rick and Morty. Rash also provides the voice of Flix on the animated series Star Wars Resistance and he is set to voice a to-be-confirmed role in the Harley Quinn animated series.



The “mother hen” of the Greendale Seven, the good-natured albeit at times overbearing Shirley Bennett is an avid baker (it’s even suggested that she has a baking problem) who came to Greendale to advance her business skills. While her heart is mostly in the right place, she has difficulties minding her own business and keeping her religious beliefs to herself.

Shirley was portrayed by actress Yvette Nicole Brown, who also starred on the short-lived Odd Couple reboot with Matthew Perry and Thomas Lennon. Most recently, Brown has appeared on the Anna Feris sitcom Mom and frequently appears as a host and guest co-host on numerous talks shows like The View and Talking Dead.



The hilarious Ken Jeong portrayed everyone’s favorite psychopath Benjamin “Ben” Franklin Chang, aka Senor Chang, aka El Tigre Chino, aka Sgt. Chang, aka Kevin. Jeong first appeared as Senor Chang, the Spanish teacher at Greendale. However, when it turned out he faked his credentials, he was “demoted” to a student. Every season Jeong’s character was somehow different and his role in the story was always unpredictable, and Jeong did an incredible job playing all the different versions of Chang.

Following Community’s end, Ken Jeong starred in his own short-lived sitcom Dr. Ken, appeared in the award-winning film Crazy Rich Asians, and guest starred on the Magnum P.I. remake. He’s currently one of the panelists at the singing competition show The Masked Singer.



The straight-A, picture-perfect, Disney-face, Annie Edison was the most studious, serious, and responsible member of the group even though she was also the youngest. Though her overbearing attitude at times annoyed her friends, they would have gotten nowhere if not for Annie to actually take charge of their various projects.

The sweet and innocent Annie was portrayed by Alison Brie, who at the moment stars on Netflix’s comedy series GLOW. Brie portrays Ruth "Zoya the Destroya" Wilder, a struggling actress who auditions for a role in the professional wrestling promotion GLOW. Brie is also the voice of Diane Nguyen on BoJack Horseman.



The definition of adorkable, the pop-culture-obsessed Abed Nadir, provided some of Community’s biggest laughs. Despite his inability to pick up on social and emotional cues, Abed truly was the heart of the show. His innocent and sweet nature made him the finest and, according to Britta’s tests, the sanest member of the group.

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Abed Nadir was portrayed by Danny Pudi, who went on to star on NBC’s short-lived sitcom Powerless set in the DC Universe. Most recently though, Pudi starred in Sam Friedlander’s comedy film Babysplitters that centers around two couples who hatch a plan to share one baby. The movie received generally positive reviews with critics praising Pudi’s performance.



Described as being pro-anti, Britta Perry frequently voiced her disdain for anything conventional and popular. Though she continuously aspired to present an aura of selflessness and progressiveness, due to her holier-than-thou mindset she mostly came off as misinformed, hypocritical, and pretentious. However, to her credit, she did display some aptitude for psychology, despite receiving an admittedly lacking education at Greendale.

Britta was portrayed by Gillian Jacobs, who went on to star on Netflix’s critically acclaimed comedy series Love, portraying the rebellious Mickey Dobbs. Following Community’s final season, Jacobs has also appeared in comedy movies like Life of the Party and Ibiza.



Joel McHale portrayed everyone’s favorite jerk with a heart of gold, Jeff Winger. Though he could be such an intolerable jerk at times, Jeff had the capability to be compassionate, supporting, and inspiring. He served as the unofficial leader of the Greendale Seven, commonly gave his infamous inspirational speeches, and became a better person through his experiences at with the group.

As for Joel McHale, since Community has been off the air, he’s worked on various projects: he appeared on The X-Files revival series, starred on the short-run sitcom The Great Indoors, and had his own Netflix comedy show The Joel McHale Show with Joel McHale. McHale has also been cast in DC Universe’s upcoming Stargirl series as Sylvester Pemberton, aka Starman.

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