Community: 5 Best Friendships (& 5 Worst)

Community gets its title not only for the community college setting but also for the unusual group of characters that find themselves apart of this strange Greendale community. The show is known for its wild theme episodes as well as its irreverent humor, but it is also a touching tale of friendship.

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The show features some of the most entertaining and likable friendships on television. Then there are those friendships that should never have been. Through the show's fun pairings, we get to see which characters make an ideal team and which should get far away from each other. Here are the best and worst friendships on Community.

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10 Best: Fat Neil And Vicki


The fact that there is someone on the show that the characters call Fat Neil just shows that the main characters are not always the nicest people. However, their sometimes cruel and insensitive treatment of others at Greendale has led to one worthwhile relationship.

Neil and Vicky are often on the receiving end of the study group's disruptive behavior. But these two side characters managed to find each other, possibly united in their hate for the study group, and seemingly started a  sweet romance together.

9 Worst: Pierce And Leonard

Leonard is another side character who is usually at odds with the study group. Only in Leonard's case, he's usually asking for it. The old man is vulgar, rude and obnoxious, so it's really no surprise that he and Pierce joined forces for a short time.

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Feeling like an outcast among the younger friends, Pierce begins hanging out with Leonard and embracing his old age. However, Leonard proves to be a bad influence. It takes a lot for Pierce to decide things have gone too far and he decided to wisely ditch Leonard.

8 Best: Jeff And Dean

The friendship between Jeff and Dean Pelton is a strange one, to say the least. For starters, Pelton seems to be the only one interested in the friendship most of the time, which is usually not a good sign. However, he is so enthusiastic about it, it's hard not to root for them.

Jeff might act like he's too cool and he might have even given Pelton a fake number, but he still spends an awful lot of time around him. They go on adventures together, work together and even sing karaoke together. While a lot might go unsaid, they seem to enjoy each other's company.

7 Worst: Jeff And Duncan

Though Jeff pretends he's not friends with Dean Pelton, his actually supposed friendship with Professor Duncan is far more toxic on both sides. The two reconnect when Jeff tries to leverage his friendship with Duncan to get out a fake degree, which is a pretty inappropriate request.

Duncan is no better than Jeff as a friend either. He is constantly trying unsuccessfully to swoop in and pick up Jeff's love interests. They both seem uninterested in actually helping each other and instead use their relationship to benefit themselves.

6 Best: Annie And Shirley

The main study group is often known to split off into smaller pairs for their own adventures. One of the most surprisingly entertaining duos is Shirley and Annie who have been partners on several occasions.

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The two might not seem like the most entertaining duo since they are both rather strait-laced and by-the-book. However, they seem to bring out the best in each other in whatever they're doing. From running for valedictorian to pulling pranks to campus security, these two manage to be their most entertaining selves when together.

5 Worst: Chang And Annie's Boobs


Chang is an awfully hard guy to like and that is evidenced by the fact that one of his most significant relationships was with a monkey. The monkey in question was named Annie's boobs by Troy but since disappeared into the school vents. When Chang began living in those same vents, the two become pseudo-roommates.

It's pretty obvious that a grown man and a monkey should not be living together, let alone become friends. Still, Chang looks back on their time fondly even if it does pretty much just involve the monkey hitting Chang while he's stuck in the vent.

4 Best: The Study Group


The show began by bringing together a bunch of vastly different people and making them become best friends. In the end, the study group is the heart and soul of the entire show and its best moments come when they are together.

They certainly have their differences, they bicker constantly and many of their members eventually moved on, but the group is still a unique and entertaining group of people who genuinely care about each other.

3 Worst: Jeff And Chang


A monkey is not the only unexpected roommate Chang had. After sinking to his lowest point, Chang somehow convinced Jeff to let him move into his place. While it was a nice gesture on Jeff's part, he quickly comes to regret it.

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Jeff is not one to share his personal space well and Chang doesn't respect boundaries like a normal person. They quickly became the dysfunctional odd couple from hell. In the end, Chang was probably better suited to live with the monkey.

2 Best: Troy And Abed

Though the study group is the main focus of the show, they can't compete with the iconic friendship of Troy and Abed. The two oddballs seem to immediately find natural chemistry and love all the same things, specifically any and all geeky pop culture.

The inseparable and childlike friendship between these two is so endearing and their love for each other is infectious. This pairing is responsible for some of the most creative, zany and hilarious moments on the show and we could have watched these two hang out forever.

1 Worst: Troy And Pierce


Apparently, the beautiful friendship between Troy and Abed was a happy accident on the show. Initially, the creators envisioned Troy forming an unlikely bond with Pierce, making a unique old and young duo. You can see this idea explored early in the series and you can see why it didn't work out.

While these two characters have fun interactions from time to time, they never click as a compelling pair. It always seems forced having them together, and the awkwardness of it is only made worse by the obvious chemistry between Troy and Abed.

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