Commodore 64 Mini Expected to Arrive in Early 2018

Retro Games is releasing its own throwback console with the Commodore 64 Mini. Re-releases of classic consoles are on the rise, with Nintendo seeing great success with the NES Classic and SNES Classic, providing a replica of the casing and a digital collection of game. Now other companies are getting in on the act.

The C64 Mini looks exactly like the original Commodore 64, except that it is 50% smaller. The iconic keyboard is still there, but those who want to use a larger keyboard can plug in and USB keyboard of their choice. There is also a joystick and a USB port for a second joystick for those looking to play local multiplayer. On top of the C64 Mini, Retro Games plans to release a full-sized version of a modern Commodore 64 in late 2018.

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While also relying heavily on nostalgia, Retro Games has improved the experience by making adjustments for modern gamers. The output is through HDMI, and while the pixellated graphics are not really enhanced, that does provide a crisper picture and allows play on modern TVs and monitors. Those who want that throwback look still have the option with a few video filters available. The most important update to the C64 Mini, however, is the addition of save states; now, players won't have to leave their console on for hours on end if they want to continue where they left off.

Of course, there is more to the C64 Mini than just the hardware. There are appropriately 64 games included, with some of the highlights being California Games, Speedball 2: Brutal Deluxe, Paradroid, and Impossible Mission. According to Retro Games, most of the collection was "rated over 90% by leading publications of the day, with many winning coveted awards." While this may have been true 35 years ago, there might be some concern that these games haven't aged well.

Considering how wildly popular Nintendo's NES Classic and SNES Classic have been, it is a smart move for Retro Games to get their console in while the trend is still hot. It is near impossible to find a 35-year old console that works perfectly, especially with modern hardware. So, naturally, this is the perfect opportunity for those who want to relive their early gaming years or for those who just want to educate themselves on what games were before Mario burst on the scene.

The C64 Mini is slated for release in early 2018.

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Source: Retro Games

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