Commercials in Movie Theaters

In a past article I mentioned that among other things, one of the reasons that people no longer enjoy going out to see a movie is the showing of commercials before a movie starts. The movie industry has been in a slump this year, but of course instead of looking to themselves, they point the finger everywhere else. Instead of reflecting that perhaps commercials before movies, product placement, blaringly loud volume and just plain crappy movies are the problem, they blame it on things like movie pirating.

Well maybe things will finally start turning around. According to MovieWeb, it seems that someone involved in the business has actually finally gone out and seen a movie at a movie theater. 8)

Robert J. Dowling (publisher of the Hollywood Reporter), attended a movie last weekend and stated that he and his wife were:

"...assaulted with one inane commercial after another. Not commercials that are geared to movie fans, but ads for television shows, telephones, soft drinks, credit cards -- seemingly every product on the market. And I could not stop thinking about how this onslaught of commercials was coming after we'd paid $20 for our senior tickets plus what we ordered at the snack stand. On and on the commercials went. They were loud, annoying, distracting, and, above all, they totally ruined that transcendent feeling you look forward to when you're just about to watch a movie."

No, really? Welcome to our world, buddy.

He said that the big selling point of movie theaters is that they give people the opportunity to see films on a big screen...

"But I caution theater owners and managers not to be so sure that even the biggest movie buffs won't eventually prefer to pay what it takes to watch a film at home without all the incredibly loud and annoying advertising."


Do you think maybe he's the first industry guy to actually go see a movie at a regular showing instead of a preview screening?

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