Comment System Change (Again)

Hey Screen Rant readers,

I thought I should make an announcement that we've switched from the Disqus comment system back to regular Wordpress comments. Some of you folks fought the switch to Disqus while some of you liked it right off the bat. Many of those of you who didn't like it at first seemed to come to like it after a while.

Disqus brought a lot of features to the site, like the ability to comment when logged in to Facebook or Twitter, flagging and voting up or down comments. But it also made the site "heavier" and added to the page load time - and I'm trying to make the site load as fast as possible.

Another thing that we want to do here is to build the Screen Rant visitor community. We want the comments to reside here, and along those lines one thing we're planning on adding for you soon is visitor profile pages. We're still working out the finer points, but among the features we're thinking about are the ability to see what your favorite Screen Rant buddies have been commenting on, user profiles, listing your social network profiles (Twitter, Facebook, etc.) and more.

I wanted to point out that the folks at Disqus have been extremely supportive while we used their comment system on the site. Extremely responsive and helpful when a problem cropped up.

Now one annoying thing about switching comment systems is that the Disqus email notification system won't work any more and you'll have to re-subscribe to any new posts where you want to follow comments. We've made it secure with a double opt-in for you. If you want to have an avatar you'll also need to go to to register one with the email you'll use to login here. Those of you who've been with us for a while will already have one set up so it's no biggie for you. :)

We're also looking at adding Like/Don't Like buttons to comments, similar to Disqus, and we'll see what other little bells and whistles we might be able to add for your reading and commenting enjoyment.

So... things may be a little bumpy around here for a bit, but hang in there and please bear with us. We LOVE having you fine folks comment on the site and we're looking forward to even better movie and TV-related conversations in the future.

Vic Holtreman


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