Screen Rant Comment Policy

Here at Screen Rant we welcome discussion and input from fans who love movies and TV as much as we do – but as with any subject that people are passionate about, things can sometimes get out of hand. In order to make our community a place where valuable discussion can happen, we ask that all of our readers show respect both to our staff and to their fellow commenters when discussing articles. Posts that violate our comments policy may be deleted, and repeated or severe infractions may incur a permanent ban from commenting on the site. With that in mind, please abide by the following rules.

Rule #1: No Personal Attacks

The first and most important rule: don’t make things personal. This applies to both Screen Rant writers and your fellow commenters. Criticizing an article’s premise or arguments is fine, but any comments directly insulting or attacking the author will be removed and repeat offenses could lead to a ban. People will be more likely to take your arguments seriously if you can express them in a civil manner, so play nice.

Allowed: “This article is way off-mark and ignored several fundamental aspects of Squirrel Girl’s character.”

Not Allowed: “The author of this article is an idiot who has obviously never read a Squirrel Girl comic in their life.”

Rule #2: No Profanity

Screen Rant does not use profanity in articles (and when quoting over-excited actors or directors, we often censor strong language), and we ask that our readers keep things clean in the comments as well. This rule also applies to racist, sexist, homophobic and transphobic slurs.

Rule #3: No Trolling

Trolling can cover a broad spectrum, but these are the three main offenders:

Flamebait – If your only contribution to an article about a DC or Marvel movie is along the lines of “DC/Marvel sucks and so does anyone who likes DC/Marvel,” with no reference to anything in the article, you can expect to have that comment removed. Please do not post anything purely for the purposes of antagonizing other readers.

Impersonation – Deliberately posting under the same name as another user in order to mock or undermine them is strictly forbidden, and may lead to an instant ban.

Spoilers – Deliberately posting major plot beats prior to or immediately after a movie’s release in the hope of spoiling it for people who haven’t seen it yet is a form of trolling, and may lead to an instant ban. If you want to discuss a recently released movie in detail, please stick to Spoiler Discussion posts.

Should you encounter a comment or commenter that violates these rules, please use the Contact Us page to notify our staff. If something or someone is poisoning the well, we will look into it but in the meantime, should you feel the need to respond, do not instigate people who are trying to pick a fight. Often, this only makes things worse. We want our comment section to be a place where movie fans can geek out together in a safe environment for friendly debate. Any help in fostering that environment is appreciated.