'Commando' Script Finished; Reboot Is Hard-R Rated

Last year brought word that FOX was doing a remake/reboot of the classic Arnold Schwarzenegger action flick, Commando. Since then the project has been overshadowed by news of Schwarzenegger's acting  comeback (and scandalous re-retirement), but today we have an update to share.

In speaking with Collider, producer John Davis (Mr. Popper's Penguins) touched briefly on where Commando is in development and what kind of approach is being taken with the film.

The quick version is that screenwriter/ex-Navy man David Ayer (Training Day, U-571, S.W.A.T.) has completed a script and that the film will retain a hard-R tone. Supposedly the script Ayer's came up with is also pretty good, as Davis told Collider:

We have a really great script.  You know, I don’t know if it really makes sense to call it Commando.  Maybe it does or maybe doesn’t.  It is the reboot of it and all of that stuff.  It is David Ayer, who did Training Day.  He wrote it and wants to direct it.  It is there and it is a brilliant script.  It is just waiting for the right moment for the studio to want to make it and finding the right actor...Right now the script this is written is a hard R.

It's good to hear Davis acknowledge this continuing issue with what seems to be a bad trend in the film industry - remakes and reboots that don't necessarily deserve to carry the titles of the original film. Changing everything about Schwarzenegger's Commando and still calling it "Commando" (with the invisible asterisk of "reboot" or "remake" following) isn't something fans will necessarily go for. That trend is kind of wearing itself out.

Then again, any movie about a soldier or ex-soldier out for justice/vengeance/survival could conceivably carry a title as generic as "Commando." Maybe they'll really change things up and add the word "The" in there? But I digress...

With Schwarzenegger busy trying to get his personal life in order right now (and ergo not getting involved with this project), there is little to get excited about in regards to this Commando "rebake" (reboot + remake = rebake). Still, we'll keep you posted about whether or not Ayer ends up directing (Street Kings wasn't the worst movie ever...) and who might star in the iconic Schwarzenegger role.

Source: Collider

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