Coming to America 2 Delayed Four Months to December 2020

Eddie Murphy in Coming to America

Coming to America 2 has been delayed four months to December 2020. As the 1980s drew to a close, few comedians could match what Eddie Murphy had accomplished during the decade. Having gone from SNL to cinema in a big way, Murphy built up a reputation as an often foul-mouthed but otherwise hilarious Hollywood star.

Though there have been numerous titles in Murphy’s lengthy career that fans love and can’t get enough of, it's perhaps 1988’s Coming to America that's remained one of the comedian’s most widely appreciated hits. Often overshadowed by the likes of the Beverly Hills Cop franchise or even Murphy’s later work in The Nutty Professor films, Coming to America marked the first time that fans could watch Murphy lose himself in a variety of different characters - something that he would later become known for in a handful of films like the aforementioned Nutty Professor series, Bowfinger and Norbit. In fact, it was Coming to America’s characters and feel good tone that's played a major part in the film being the fan favorite that it is today.

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As fans of Murphy and Coming to America will likely know, a sequel to the 1988 hit has been on its way since 2017. Now, however, Deadline is reporting that the film’s release has experienced a slight setback, with Paramount bumping the release date four months from August 7, 2020 to December 18, 2020. The move reportedly comes after Paramount decided to give the August 7 date to director Antoine Fuqua’s Infinite, an adaptation of the novel, The Reincarnation Papers.

Coming to America
Murphy in two of his numerous Coming to America roles.

This switching of release dates may irritate some, but Paramount just might be making the smarter move here. The Reincarnation Papers stars Chris Evans and deals with the character of Evan Michaels, a man who can recall his past lives and discovers a secret society called the Cognomina, whose members all possess the same skill. The Cognomina’s members have been agents of change throughout history and Michaels sets his sights on joining the centuries old organization. Compared to Coming to America 2, Infinite sounds like the kind of popcorn movie that does well during the summer season, while Coming to America’s sentimentality and feel good vibe might be better received in December, when festive spirits are in full swing for many. Of course, there’s no guarantee that Coming to America 2 will possess the same tone or sentimentality as its predecessor, but given the film’s rumored storyline regarding Prince Akeem’s long lost son, the potential for an emotional journey is high.

What’s perhaps more concerning for fans than a bump back in the release date is whether or not this will be a sequel worth waiting for. As fans of older hit films are well aware, a modern day sequel doesn’t always land on its feet. There are numerous reasons why a Coming to America sequel might not work, yet at the same time, there’s also no discernible reason why Murphy and company can’t pull off a Coming to America 2 that does just what a good sequel should: entertain those who've been waiting for it and explore the characters in a new and hilarious way.

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Source: Deadline

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