Scott Johnson has created a new version of the now iconic "ground punch" pose first rendered by Adi Granov (the artist upon whose work much of the Iron Man movie armor was based on). The new artwork shows the movie armor drawn in comic book style and proportions. You can click on the image above for a larger comparison of the original artwork, the updated art using the movie armor and the actual armor all in the same pose. (The newest version is in the middle.)

If you want to see an even larger version of the new Adi Granov Scott Johnson rendering click here.

There has been speculation whether the armor design in the comics will be redesigned to look more like the movie armor around the time the film is released. I don't know if that will be the case, but now we can get a pretty good idea of what the movie armor would look like if it was used in the comic book. As expected, it looks much more form-fitting and more streamlined than the actual armor.

I think it looks pretty cool, how about you?

For more artwork by Scott Johnson, visit his website.

Source: via Advanced Iron

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