Comic-Con 2012: 'Paranorman' Panel

'Paranorman' at Comic-Con 2012

In the new stop-motion animated film Paranorman, a young boy's ability to speak to the deceased leads him to become  friends with some of the neighborhood ghosts. But when his town is threatened, the young outcast is asked to save his fellow residents from a scary curse. Brought to you by the studio behind the critically-acclaimed Coraline, Paranorman promises to offer up a variety of wonderful special effects and an interesting story.

Several cast members including Kodi Smit-McPhee [KSM], Anna Kendrick [AK], and Christopher Mintz-Plasse [CMP], Travis Knight [TK], Chris Butler [CB], and Sam Fell [SF] are discussing the new 3D movie today on a panel today that will  showcase  some never-before-seen footage.

If you're attending the convention, you can check out the panel yourself at 10:45 AM Pacific Time in Hall H. If not, keep it parked right here and for the latest on the animated film from Laika Studio, brought to you live by Screen Rant.

11:19AM:Watching a clip from Paranorman at the live panel.

The movie’s creator has called the film “a zombie movie for kids” and that’s what it looks like.

11:23AM:Butler, in talking about the characters in the film, called the relationships in the film “The Breakfast Club meets The Fog.“

11:25AM:Kendrick notes that for some of the film, she was in the same room with co-star Casey Affleck, which doesn’t usually happen with animation.

11:29AM:Writer Chris Butler earlier called Paranorman “John Carpenter meets John Hughes.”

11:31AM:A young girl just asked one of the first questions. She asked, “Why are the monsters so scary?”

The film directors said that they aren’t that scary and the movie would be suitable for those over seven to eight years old.

11:36AM:Audience question: What can you tell us about Kick-Ass 2?

Chris states that it looks like it’s gonna happen. He said that, we’re gonna “hopefully start shooting in September.”


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