Comic-Con 2010: 'Super' Panel [Updated]

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[Update: Check out the first image of Rainn Wilson as Crimson Bolt!]

Super is written and directed by James Gunn, who also directed Slither, PG Porn and the Dawn of the Dead remake. Also on the panel are cast members Rainn Wilson, Ellen Page, Liv Tyler, Nathan Fillion (audience really went nuts for him) and Michael Rooker, along with producers Ted Hope and Miranda Baily. The panel was moderated by Ted Stryker. Kevin Bacon wanted to make it and tried to work out a schedule conflict, but couldn't manage to make things line up.

They brought a raw trailer and a clip for the audience, which they showed back to back.

Both were freaking inSANE. It looks like another Kick-Ass, but far, far funnier. In the clip we see that Rainn Wilson was married to Liv Tyler, who eventually leaves him. In order to try to get her back, he invents a costumed hero called The Crimson Bolt - who fights crime with a big honking pipe wrench.

UPDATE: Here's a first look at Wilson as Crimson Bolt, courtesy of James Gunn:


rainn wilson crimson bolt super

When Rainn saw the script he decided he absolutely had to play the character and the movie must be made. James and Rainn were shopping around the script, trying to get it made, which they called "a f-ed up, low rent Watchmen." Producer Ted Hope actually learned about it on Twitter.

Film was made on a very low budget, and the actors took greatly reduced pay because they just wanted to be in the movie. Rainn and James said "we need an Ellen Page type and we need a Liv Tyler type," and then they just decided to send them the script. James said the script was originally written eight years ago. Gunn also commented that making the movie was not fun - it was "a hellish experience."

Liv Tyler let another actor inject her with a needle in a scene where she shoots heroin, and Nathan commented that he'd never let someone do that and "If I was half the woman you are, I'd be twice the man I am."

Michael Rooker joked he went home and cried when James told him he wouldn't get to kill anyone in the movie. :)

Ellen Page compared her character (a bit) to the one she played in Hard Candy, saying she's a sociopath/psychopath kind of girl who would kill someone over scratching her car. She had an intimite scene with Rainn, which he described as "kind of awesome and kind of icky."

Rainn Wilson and Nathan Fillion kept cracking up the audience - they're both very funny and know how to work a crowd.

They're trying to get rights to music for the film for not very much money - in particular they half-jokingly made an appeal to Cheap Trick for a particular song they'd like to use.

Comic Con Panel with James Gunn, Rainn Wilson and Ellen Page

Someone asked if Dwight (from the film) or Mal would win in a fight, and Rainn and Nathan staged on on the stage (Dwight won). :) Fillion plays superhero "The Holy Avenger" - and ambiguously gay guy who dresses up in a costume and is The Crimson Avenger's mentor in becoming a (non-)superhero.

Gunn said this is the first movie he really made for himself, and that one can't be afraid to fail or make a fool of themselves if they want to succeed at something.

About four people came up to the mic and asked variations of the same bloody question "what was it like to work with so and so?"

Based on how previous R-rated superhero movies have done at the box office, I'm glad they shot this on a low budget. It looks very funny and dark - and while I think those who see it will probably love it (myself included) I don't think it's going to be a mainstream box office hit.

At the end of the panel they announced the official site for the film: The film opens some time next year.

Crimson Bolt Photo Source: James Gunn

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