Comic-Con 2010: It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia Panel & Interviews

It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia

One of the funniest shows on television, It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia is quickly approaching the September 16th premiere of its sixth season. The cast attended Comic-Con to talk about what we can expect from "The Gang" in season 6.

The show follows a group friends who own an almost-always-empty bar in Philadelphia. The gang has zero sensibility and no respect for others, which always ends up getting them into trouble and situations that stretch the norm into comedy. It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia has found a way to teeter on the border of appropriate material for television by satirizing everything from racism to M. Night Shyamalan.

Not one for recurring storylines, the cast was practically forced into creating one for its sixth season. As many of you know, Kaitlin Olson (Dee Reynolds) is pregnant.

Instead of hiding the child with oversized shirts, the cast (who also write the show) incorporated it in as an ongoing character arc. But no Always Sunny episode would be complete without controversy, so they turned the pregnancy into a mystery "whodunit." Charlie Kelly (Charlie Day) tells us the show will keep it clean and stay away from drinking while pregnant and other dangerous habits.

In addition to the pregnancy, there are other surprises in store for the upcoming season. Glenn Howerton, who plays self-proclaimed playboy Dennis Reynolds, will find himself married and in a state of utter confusion. Love isn't exactly his strong suit, so it should be interesting to see how Dennis deals with a domestic situation.

The season 6 will also have its fair share of guest stars, like Tom Sizemore, Dave Foley and Jason Sudeikis. No word on how they will be involved, but my money is on Tom Sizemore and Danny DeVito getting in a fight.

I had the pleasure of interviewing each cast member and they really are just as funny in person as they are on the show. Their real-life personas are not much different from those they portray on television, albeit a bit exaggerated for entertainment. Together on a panel they are even funnier. Each cast member feeds off the next and it becomes a pinball machine of humor.  It's easy to see how the show develops by simply watching them sit at a table together.

Below you'll find the 34-minute panel (split into 4 parts) and a compilation of moments from my cast interviews.

And here is a compilation of one on one cast interviews. My apologies for the awkward framing - operating a camera while conducting an interview was more difficult than I expected.


It is hard to imagine a time without Always Sunny, but their current contract is almost up. While the show has a solid fan base and the humor has only gotten better, their contract with FX expires after next season, with no word on the future of the show. Unless Sweet Dee gives the baby up, she will have some paternal issues to deal with in the seventh season.

It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia returns to FX on September 16th, 2010.

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