Comic-Con 2010: Interview With 'Bones' Creator Hart Hanson

After the fifth season season finale (I didn’t much care for it) of Bones, I had some questions for show creator Hart Hanson. Thankfully, Comic-Con provided me the perfect opportunity to bring my concerns straight to the source.

Of course, being the Bones fan that I am, I less “brought my concerns” and more “giggled at everything he said.” I still managed to keep my composure however, while asking him about whether or not he was worried about the direction he chose to take series in. I couldn't have been happier when he said, “Yes.”

During the interview, Hanson not only touched upon the concern of splitting up the entire cast, but also gave a sneak peek at what fans can expect when season 6 of Bones premieres September 23. There's also some "talk" about Beyonce being Booth's new love interest, but you'll have to watch the full video of the interview to see that.

Of course, a conversation with Hart Hanson wouldn’t be complete unless he was asked the age-old question: Will we ever see Brennan and Booth together? Surprisingly, he gave the least ambiguous answer (of all his previous ambiguous answers).

Want to know what it is?

You’ll have to check out the highlights below.


On the sixth season premiere of Bones:

I’ve been trying really hard not to say anything about the new season because I think everyone should just tune in and watch – I get yelled at whenever I say anything about the new season.

We start this season taking a look at how things are going for [Brennan, Booth, Angela, Hodgins, Cam] – split up – and why would they come together again. So, the season opener is about getting the team back together - it’s really about how you get a family back together when mom and dad split-up.

On whether he was worried or hesitant about splitting everyone up in the fifth season finale:

We certainly considered the results of splitting them up. It’s that old thing of where you have to give the audience what they want in way they don’t expect it. We work hard on that – sometimes we’re successful.

Yes, we agonized over it. It’s not just [the producers]; we talked to our stars a lot about it. There’s the network, there’s the studio, there’s marketing people – then there’s what we know here amongst the writing staff …about what we should do. That’s what we decided to do in the end.

Worried, yes. Hesitant, no – once you commit, you gotta go for it.

Comic-Con 2010: Interview With 'Bones' Creator Hart Hanson

On whether we’ll be seeing Booth in Afghanistan and Brennan in Maluku.

We’re going to see Brennan in the Maluku Islands, in Indonesia – what she and Daisy are doing there - and we’ll see what Booth is doing in Afghanistan before they come back – and why they come back.

What would bring everyone back together again is sort of central.

On how much longer Bones will be on the air – is there an end point?

It depends on what day of the week you catch me on. Sometimes I just wish they would just call up and cancel it – No, kidding. Well, no, really, but I don’t mean it.

I know that we can do very good for another couple of years. I would think that 8 seasons would be good. If it goes longer than that, I have to adjust some plans, but it’s a good engine – a very good story engine.

I don’t think it’s like Law & Order where you can swap out actors. Our show is more of a family type of thing – people like our characters – and I’m not sure how much screwing around you can do with the cast and hang on to everybody. It would be a huge, huge, chore to replace one of those two leads and hope it went on.

I could see us doing a very solid 8 years, but that doesn’t count what happens to our ratings – no one knows.

On whether we'll ever have a season with Bones & Booth together?

I don’t not see it happening – how’s that?

Here’s what I’ll say: I have no interest in them getting together on the last day of the series. I don’t think that’s a good way to use the characters.

For a man that's known to be as ambiguous as he is witty (and he is witty), I couldn't have been happier with how forthcoming he was with information. Sure, he didn't reveal any MAJOR spoilers, but you don't really expect that at Comic-Con.

Especially since before anyone enters the press room, they are read "the riot act" about what they CAN and CAN NOT say. Of course, Hart Hanson is the shows creator, so I'm sure that he can do whatever he wants. Although, from what he said about getting yelled at in the interview, perhaps there are a couple people keeping an eye on him.

If you just can't get enough Hart Hanson, be sure to check out the complete video of the interview below.


Don't miss the sixth season premiere of Bones, September 23 at 8pm on Fox.

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