Comic-Con 2009: Extract

Josh Horowitz from MTV News moderated. Writer/Director Mike Judge, Jason Bateman and Mila Kunis were in attendence at the Extract panel. The opened with the very funny trailer and followed up shortly thereafter with an extended clip showing the introduction of Mils Kunis' character.

FYI, if you haven't seen the trailer yet, you can check it out here:

[media id=125 width=570 height=340]

The first clip was followed up with another showing Ben Affleck trying to help hire a male prostitute to try to seduce Jason's character's wife so he wouldn't feel guilty about hitting on Mila's character.

The next clip showed the next day were Bateman tried to stop the young guy from going to his house, but by the time he gets him on the phone it's too late. Bateman was great in this kind of staccato, awkward way. Affleck was great in all the scenes as well - he seemed really "easy" for lack of a better word, very relaxed and things just flowed.

A couple of people asked about Idiocracy and it seemed like based on that (terrible) experience that Mike self-financed this film and put things in place to give it a reasonable release (as opposed to Idiocracy, which was buried with a 100 screen release). At the time he was told that film was "commercial" but obviously things didn't turn out well - so he didn't want to worry about "being commercial" but just make a great film that could be seen as a follow up to Office Space.

Someone asked Bateman about the Arrested Development movie. He said that "it's not dead," but it didn't exactly sound like things were forging ahead. He did say that due to time constraints opening up the script would probably start being written soon. He says that the folks who would ended up working on the production (including Ron Howard) are all very excited about doing a film.

Someone asked if we might ever see a sequel to Idiocracy, but Mike said he doubted it would happen as a film although he'd love to - but there might be an animated TV series coming.

Jason Batman closed by saying he hoped people would come see the movie, but not at matinees, at night time full prices. :)

Extract opens on September 4th.

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