Comic-Con '08: Stargate Continuum Panel

This panel was a follow up to the premiere of Stargate Continuum the night before.

As the Stargate SG-1 cast came in and were introduced, everyone applauded wildly - but by far the big fan favorite (judging by how deaf I went from the cheers) was Christopher Judge, hands down, for this Stargate Continuum forum.

Amanda Tapping talked briefly about her new web-to-TV show, Sanctuary, which has filmed eight of its scheduled thirteen episodes so far.

As for Ben Browder, he's enjoying some quiet time between acting gigs and volunteering his time coaching pole vaulting at a local high school.

Christopher Judge is working on a project called Rage of Angels with Michael Shanks and a substantial announcement about the project is coming out in the next few weeks.  He also had been hired to play the bad guy in Fox's 24, but things didn't seem to work out in that regard.

Michael Shanks will be appearing in a few episodes of USA network's Burn Notice.

Beau Bridges touched on appearing in My Name is Earl, as Earl's dad and his role in the Max Payne movie.

The most anticipated announcement from the panel was that there is another Stargate movie in "development".  As Wright put it, he is one "i" dot away from making it happen and it is also looking good for for the new spin off, Stargate Universe.  I touched on Universe with a wee bit of an apprehensive approach, seeing as how unpredictable the Sci-Fi Channel can be.

The panel played a touching memorial clip of Don S. Davis scenes that created an endearing, quiet moment that was met with a roar of approval from the crowd when the lights came back on.  I miss him already and felt odd watching him in Continuum Thursday night.

The cast was asked about their favorite episodes and "Heroes" was a hands down favorite amongst the panel, followed by Continuum... of course.

The atmosphere of the panel was pretty light and funny for the most part and after having seen Continuum, I'm not sure I could argue that.

Richard Dean Anderson's response to his favorite episode was: "The next one."  The man is as witty as ever.

As far as their favorite part about Continuum, Anderson, Browder and Tapping all said it was the opportunity to film up in the Arctic. The film is being considered for inclusion in the Guinness Book of World Records for a production show filmed in the most northerly location of any show.

Richard Dean Anderson added a quip about cold weather survival and noted how anything freezes upon contact with the cold, and he gave us way too much information when he apprised us that poop freezes in the outhouses rather quickly.  Thanks Rick.

When they asked Judge what his favorite part of Continuum was, he responded "That everyone else went to the Arctic and he stayed in L.A. and played golf in a balmy 85 degree weather."

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