Comic-Con '08: Lost Panel

The Lost panel opened with a number of video clips that were not from the show. The first was a documentary style report about the survivors of the crash, talking about them and asking whether the situation was what it seemed, or if there was some sort of conspiracy.

Then there was what seemed like a DVD extra feature showing some of the cast members on the set, specifically the new additions from the freighter.

Executive producers Carlton Cuse and David Lindelof were in attendance.

The producers joked that there were new sponsors for the Lost panel: The Dharma Initiative. Related to that, someone came out who supposedly is the head of the Dharma Initiative, speaking as if it was real and saying that they are recruiting. So far this panel is really strange, and I suppose that's in line with the mystery of the series. Personally I found this to be a waste of time. They showed a video of people filmed at some booth here at the Con asking a bunch of non-sequiter questions.

They then called some people up to the stage who apparently "passed the test" and would have the chance to now go see something the rest of the audience could not.

After that the panel actually improved quite a became quite entertaining as they gave away Lost-related prizes to people who asked questions.

The producers answered a question saying that the island did NOT move.

Jin and Locke will appear in the 5th season "in some form."

The producers were happy to have an end date for the series and it invigorated season 4.

This year they will show Russo's story, but they wouldn't say it would be a flashback.

They are prepared to start shooting the show in about 3 weeks barring any problems with a possible SAG strike.

Cuse and Lindelof are the keepers of the story, the writers do not yet definitively know how the series will end.

The series was based more on Stephen King and other sources than it is by "Lost World." (Attendee question)

Matthew Fox put in a surprise appearance, although he didn't contribute much.

When season 5 starts the audience will not know when and where we are.

They do realize that the audience will get frustrated if they don't continue to movie the story forward.

We'll be learning more about Richard Alpert's history.

They did a big play act where an actor posing as one of the previous "winning" Con attendees came on the stage with footage of what he saw when they took him off the stage. It was quite funny as he acted like a rebellious Lost fan that was fed up with not having any answers after 4 years.It should a video of the Asian guy who appears in the Dharma videos finally coming clean and giving his real name and saying that the video was created (or was it being projected live from the past?). He said it was imperative that the Dharma Initiative be re-started.

So, as expected, almost nothing about next season revealed.

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