Comic-Con '08: Heroes Panel

This is the first time that TV show panels have been hosted in Hall H, which is the monster room that sets over 6,000 people. Heroes and Lost have enough of a following here that they've decided to move those panels here.

It opened with episode three of a Heroes webisode. I haven't been following the webisodes so I'm not familiar. It was called "Going Postal" which featured a guy with super voice powers that can kill people with the force of his voice. He kills a couple Fed types. It cuts to 13 weeks later showing him captured by Cristine Rose. Seemed a bit cheesy up until the scene where she showed up.

Then we had to sit through a bloody commercial (yay, TV panel) for Heroes on DVD and Blu-Ray. Audience didn't seem to mind as they cheered. [No wonder we have commercials in movie theaters now - Vic]

Someone came out and said that everyone was on their way, but they were stuck in an elevator. Pretty funny.

Jeph Loeb, executive producer and writer on the show came out to talk to the crowd. Talked about how well the series is doing worldwide and that they came here to thank the fans.

He said that a big part of the reason for the show's success was the fact that the production team came to Comic-Con over the last couple of years and that  attendees spread the word. [So much for Comic-Con not being influential in the popularity of a film or TV series - Vic]

Loeb then warmed up the crowd challenging each section asking if they were the biggest fans, yadda yadda. Getting the crowd jazzed for maximum impact for the footage, which he said was so incredible it was "off the hook."

And the entire cast finally arrived to wild cheering and applause. Loeb told the audience the only reason the ENTIRE cast was here was due to fan support of the show. He then introduced series creator Tim Kring.

Tim came out with a metal briefcase handcuffed to his wrist. He pulled a DVD out of the case - the premiere episode of Heroes: Volume 3 Villains.

It was great to see the show again and they did a nice job of re-introducing all the characters with grand entrance scenes. Overall it was very good, involving unexpected circumstances that loop back upon themselves. However much I like the Hiro character, the biggest plot holes involved his part of the story. It's pretty difficult to write serious drama into a character's arc when he can just theoretically just pop back in time a few minutes and undo whatever just happened - but doesn't.

Some asked the cast members to describe this upcoming season in a short phrase. Milo said "Melt your head" whiile Zack Quinto said "brouhaha."

Hayden Panettiere said if she could switch powers she would switch with Nikki because she's tired of being beaten up.

That was pretty much it. Actually showing the entire third season premiere was a very cool thing for NBC to do for the fans here at the Comic-Con.

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