Comic-Con '08: Day 3 Wrap Up

Gotta tell you guys, we're having a blast. Somehow this year I'm relaxing more yet getting more posts out about the goings-on here at Comic-Con. Here's a bit of a wrap up of yesterday (since it's 3AM and no longer Friday).

I've enjoyed seeing some of my online movie buds in person again. Nice to actually hang out instead of just exchanging emails, Twitters and IMs. :-)

  • The biggie: Attended the Watchmen panel and got to see new footage. Awesome.
  • Saw a bunch of trailers, most of which I'd seen. One I hadn't seen was for Hamlet 2 and while I've heard the movie is great (it premiered at Sundance but I missed it), I thought the trailer made the movie look absolutely stupid.
  • Saw the first footage from The Wolfman and was (along with the audience) very impressed.
  • Attended the very sad panel for The Spirit and saw new footage which did not inspire confidence in the final product. Peter at /Film thinks it will be "The Dick Tracy of our generation."
  • Went to dinner with Bruce Simmons at Dick's Last Resort on 4th Ave - a crazy/fun restaurant.
  • Attended the Tropic Thunder screening which was WAY crude, but fantastically funny.
  • Went out for a nightcap with the crew from FirstShowing and ran into Jen from RottenTomatoes.

As a bonus, David Chen from /Film recorded a short post-Spirit panel interview consisting of himself, Pete from /Film, and a couple of the boys from LatinoReview. Check it out and let me know how you think I did!


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