Sci-Fi/Horror Comic 'Night & Fog' Adaptation Coming

According to Variety, producers Gil Adler and Shane McCarthy are planning to bring the World War II-themed Sci-Fi/Horror comic Night & Fog to the big screen. Previously, Adler served as a producer on other well known comic-book movies, including the horror/action film Constantine and the widely heralded (yet ultimately disappointing) Superman Returns. Variety points out that Adler is also producing Dead of Night, which stars Brandon Routh and is based on the popular 1980's Italian comic book, Dylan Dog.

While I haven't read Night & Fog myself, the premise of the comic sounds interesting. Quoting from the Variety article:

"[Night & Fog] revolves around an infectious mist unleashed on a military base that transforms its victims into preternatural creatures of the night. But when the survivors try to kill them, they adapt and change into something even more horrific and unstoppable."

The description of Night & Fog reminds me somewhat of John Carpenter's The Thing, which is definitely a good thing. Having not read the comic, however, I'm not sure whether my instinct is right. I'll have to pick up a copy of the trade paperback when it comes out in the spring to see if I really enjoy the story. If anyone out there is currently reading Night & Fog, please share your opinion of the comic in the comments.

In Screen Rant's recent look back at the most important movie events of 2000-2009, one thing we highlighted was the evolution of the comic book film from pulp cinema to box office blockbuster. The way things look now, the next decade won't be putting a stop to this trend as a host of new comic book adaptations, including Iron Man 2, The Losers, and Kick-Ass, are already on the slate for the first half of 2010 and a plethora of major superhero flicks in 2011 (Spider-Man 4, Green Lantern, Thor, Captain America, etc.). With the addition of Night & Fog, along with a number of other lesser known comic books, it has become clear that (with the exception of remakes of 1980's films) comic books are the way to go in Hollywood.

Does Night & Fog sound interesting to you? Are there any other indie comics you think should make it to the big screen?

Source: Variety

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