The Night Projectionist Is Coming To Big Screen

The Night Projectionist:

...takes place on Halloween Eve in a small-town movie theater, where an all-night Draculathon draws throngs of moviegoers who suddenly find themselves locked inside the theater, which is slowly filling with vampires.

I don't if I'm alone here but this sounds awesome! It's taking the movie theater experience we all know and love and adding the (usually) cool element of vampires. From Interview With The Vampire, 30 Days of Night and From Dusk Till Dawn to The Lost Boys and right back to the original Dracula; no matter what you think of these movies and the rest you can't deny how cool vampires are as a base to a film's story.

They're not uninteresting like zombies or as over-the-top as something like werewolves. They are close enough to humans that we can relate in some way to them but different enough for us to fear them.

Is it too obvious that I'm a big fan of vampire movies...?

What I also love about the story of the film is it deals directly with the movie theater experience. I'd never thought about it much before but you don't see a lot of movies nowadays that show that on-screen, usually because it tends to break the illusion that you're watching a film by acknowledging the fact that you're sitting in a theater watching a movie.

It's amazing a project you'd never even heard of can become really anticipated just by reading it's plot outline. I may have to pick up a copy of the comic miniseries when it gets released in February, to get a feel of it before it's adapted into movie form.

Do you think The Night Projectionist sounds awesome or does it sound like it might turn out to be a schlock-fest?

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