How To Watch San Diego Comic-Con 2019

Kevin Feige and SR Comic-Con 2019

If you're not one of the hundreds of thousands descending on Silicon Beach for San Diego Comic-Con 2019, worry not. Here's how you can watch SDCC 2019 online and otherwise keep up with all the big reveals, wherever you are in the world.

San Diego Comic-Con 2019 is one of the biggest events on the pop culture calendar, with a multitude of new reveals, trailers, and announcements expected before the mammoth weekend is out. Warner Bros., Sony, and Universal might be sitting out this year but there will still be big titles heading to the convention, with the likes of Marvel, Star Trek and Terminator all taking to the Hall H stage.

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For those of you unable to attend, here's how you can still keep up with all the goodness that's going to come from San Diego Comic-Con 2019, from how to watch panels live, where to catch up on them after the fact, and what else you can see online.

Watching SDCC 2019 Hall H Panels

San Diego Comic Con 2019 Best Movie TV Panels Schedule

Hall H stands as the premier location for the most-anticipated panels. Ticket holders tend to wait hours (and sometimes days) to get entrance into the panel room, which sees the biggest names in film and TV make big announcements and show exclusive footage. Hall H panels are not live-streamed, meaning there's no way to watch the panels online immediately. The best way to keep up with the announcements coming out of Hall H is to follow along with Screen Rant: we'll be covering all the biggest news on the site and Twitter.

If you really want to see the action unfold, Hall H panels do usually find their way into YouTube in the days and weeks after the convention. We'll be highlighting the biggest in the days to come.

Major Hall H panels for Thursday include Terminator: Dark Fate, Marvel's Agents of SHIELD, and His Dark Materials. Friday will be AMC day as Hall H will hold panels for Star TrekThe Walking Dead, Fear the Walking Dead, and information about the upcoming final season of Preacher. There will also be panels with the Russo Brothers, The Witcher, and The Dark Crystal: Age of Resistance. Friday will also mark the last time the Game of Thrones cast visits Hall H. Saturday is another big with the Westworld season 3 panel but the most notable event stands at the Marvel Studios presentation which will unveil details about Phase 4 of the MCU. Hall H closes out on Sunday with panels focusing on shows such as Supernatural and Riverdale.

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New Trailers And Footage From SDCC 2019

There will be a lot of footage presented to Comic-Con attendees in Hall H and beyond, although as with live-streaming of the panels themselves, not all of this makes it to the general public. In those cases, Screen Rant will provide in-depth coverage of footage descriptions.

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Thankfully, in recent years, networks and studios have been releasing their SDCC trailers to the public shortly after the end of the panels, likely a result of many leaking in recent years. This means that, in addition to exclusive content in the panels, those at home can expect new trailers for Terminator: Dark FateJay & Silent Bob Reboot, Star Trek: Picard and popular shows on AMC, Fox, and the CW at SDCC 2019.

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DC Universe's Harley Quinn at SDCC 2019

There are a large number of other panels outside of Hall H taking place in dozens of other rooms, but those too will not have live streams to watch online. As with Hall H, any big news and developments will be reported immediately on Screen Rant.

Interviews From SDCC 2019

Avengers Age of Ultron Cast Photo from SDCC 2014

Beyond the official panels, all the major films and TV shows in attendance at SDCC 2019 will participate in a plethora of additional interviews with various outlets where the upcoming projects will be dissected in more detail. Screen Rant has its own room at Comic-Con 2019 and will be talking with a range of famous faces. Expect even more reveals - and immediate videos of the stars - after the respective panels are over.

Screen Rant At SDCC 2019

Screen Rant Comic-Con Guide

The best way to keep up with SDCC 2019 from home, however, is to keep it right here on Screen Rant. With breaking news, panel round-ups and trailer dissections, we're your one-stop-shop for all things Comic-Con 2019.


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