The Walking Dead at SDCC 2018: Times, Details & More

This weekend, fans from around the world gather for San Diego Comic-Con, and here's when The Walking Dead's cast and producers will take the stage. As Walking Dead heads into season 9 on AMC, the show looks to undergo some big changes. As teased by the key art for the season, some of the action will take place in Washington, D.C., or at least what's left of America's capital this far into the zombie apocalypse. The all-out war between Rick's forces and Negan's Saviors is also over, despite the fact that Negan is himself still alive.

Of course, just because that war is over, doesn't mean that there isn't a new conflict set to take center stage. As seen near the end of season 8's finale, Maggie, Daryl, and Jesus were none too happy about Rick's decision to leave Negan among the living, and plan to eventually show him the error of his ways. It remains to be seen what exactly they have planned for Rick, but considering all they've been through with their former leader, it seems a bit unlikely that they'll just straight up attack him.

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The Walking Dead is always one of the most anticipated TV show panels each year at Comic-Con, and things are no different in 2018. In fact, due to the current creative upheaval going on with the show - including the hiring of new showrunner Angela Kang after Scott Gimple got kicked upstairs to a higher-level position within the overall franchise - SDCC 2018's Walking Dead panel may well be the show's most anticipated in years. So, when and where can fans look forward to the big event? The answer is Friday, July 20, at 12:15pm PST/3:15pm EST, in Hall H. Fear the Walking Dead's panel is the hour before, 11:15am-12:15pm PST in Hall H.

In addition to the shakeup on The Walking Dead's creative team, season 9 will also be notable due to the rumored departures of both Lauren Cohan (Maggie) and Andrew Lincoln (Rick). While it hasn't been officially confirmed that either are leaving the series' cast, Cohan was reported to have signed a deal for only the first half of the season, due to committing to an upcoming ABC comedy. Lincoln was reported to have inked a similar limited agreement for season 9, but neither he or AMC have confirmed anything.

Even if Rick does get killed off though, it doesn't necessarily have to be to Walking Dead's detriment. After focusing on him for eight seasons, the long-running drama might well be served by letting someone else step into the lead role. The person reportedly set to do that if Lincoln leaves is Norman Reedus (Daryl), although many have suggested that Cohan's Maggie would herself be a better candidate. Sadly, her new gig makes that unlikely to happen. With both Lincoln and Reedus set to be present for the panel on Friday, perhaps something concrete will be revealed on the topic, although it's just as likely that creator Robert Kirkman - also in attendance - will refuse to provide clarity.

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