Comic-Con: 'Machete' Round Table & Sneak Peek Impressions

Machete red band trailer

Machete Footage

Later in the night, during the Machete street party, Robert Rodriguez, Michelle Rodriguez, and Danny Trejo took the stage to show off some new footage from the movie. By this point, the crowd was several glasses in to free cervezas and margaritas, so everyone was excited to see the footage.

Luckily for all of us in attendance, it didn't disappoint. Here's a rundown of the footage. Obviously, since the footage comes directly from the movie, there will be SPOILERS.

The first scene features Trejo and Michelle Rodriguez. He's laying in bed looking at news clippings of a woman named Shé, who appears to be some kind of Mexican resistance hero. Rodriguez says that Shé is just a symbol for the people to identify with. Trejo puts his hand on her thigh, but she slaps it away telling him "don't start what you can't finish." (That line got an amusing reaction from the audience.)

She acknowledges that she's heard the legend of Machete and he tells her that "maybe the legend is better." Suddenly, Rodriguez jumps on the bed and straddles Trejo (to much hooting from the audience) before the scene cut to black.

michelle rodriguez battle los angeles

Next up was a scene with Machete in bed with Jessica Alba. Alba's character wakes up and, in one of the biggest laughs of the night, checks her body to make sure she and Trejo didn't have sex. She calls him a gentleman when she sees they didn't and tries to fall back asleep.

Machete suddenly opens his eyes and begins to push her away as he notices several men entering from the patio door. Machete pushes Alba out of the way and grabs two guns to begin blasting the intruders. Meanwhile, Alba takes on an assailant in the hallway, putting a high-heeled shoe through his eye. Machete also makes short work of one of the guys by slashing his throat with a shard of glass.

The next scene gives us a first look at Robert DeNiro, who plays a sleazy Texas senator He's watching a news report about Machete when he ushers his two female assistants out of the room. Suddenly dropping his fake Southern twang, De Niro begins talking in a voice reminiscent of his Goodfellas character. He says he's worried about Machete, the "cucaracha" with AK-47s.

The last scene was definitely the best. It showed a group of men entering the hospital where Machete is recovering from a wound. A nurse warns Machete of the incoming gunmen and he quickly springs into action. Grabbing an array of hospital instruments, including a skull scraper - Machete devises a plan to jump the guys.

Machete red band trailer clips

Slowly, a hospital cart rolls down a hall toward the men. They open fire on it, hitting an oxygen tank. It was just a distraction. Machete was actually hidden underneath the cart. He sneaks up behind the men and brutally slices them apart. In a moment of divine inspiration, Machete cuts open one guy's stomach and pulls out the man's small intestine. Using the guts as a rope, Machete leaps out of a window and crashes into the floor below.

It was a truly hilarious and delightfully gory scene and, as my colleague Mike Eisenberg said, it "redefined the meaning of the phrase intestinal fortitude."

Stay tuned to Screen Rant for more information on Comic-Con and Machete.

Machete opens on September 3rd, 2010.


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