Marvel & DC Superheroes Get the LEGO Treatment for Comic-Con

Batman v Superman Lego

Comic-Con International 2016 kicks off next week in San Diego and in addition to all the panels and exclusive previews, many in attendance will be all for getting their hands on exclusive merchandise. Every year various companies set up booths in the exhibit hall of the San Diego Convention Center, leading to massive crowds doing their best to line up and obtain the rare items put up for sale.

LEGO is certainly among the most popular. The company has many cool collectibles inspired by a variety of different brands. Given the event, Comic-Con is primed for superhero fans and LEGO is looking to deliver. Especially given all the recent and upcoming superhero films, many collectors and fans will have a lot to look forward to with this latest reveal.

USA Today received word and images concerning LEGO's brand new LEGO BrickHeadz collectible line. This line of figures will not hit stores until next year, but Comic-Con will have limited-edition preview two-packs featuring buildable versions of characters including Wonder Woman, Black Panther, Doctor Strange and others. A new set of characters will be available each day for $40 each at the LEGO booth, and will likely sell out quickly. Given that everyone will not be able to attend Comic-Con, those who can't wait until 2017 to buy one of these BrickHeadz figures can enter to win one via Twitter by following @LEGO_Group and using the hashtag #LEGOSDCC.

Check out the BrickHeadz below.

Superman and Wonder Woman
Doctor Strange and Black Panther
Captain America and Iron Man
Batman and Joker

LEGO says the new BrickHeadz line allows builders to "create, collect and display versions of iconic characters and superheros out of classic LEGO bricks and elements." This is a pretty clear understanding of the general status quo for LEGO, which has been happy to indulge audiences by creating playsets and figures for many of their favorite properties in the past, such as Star Wars, and clearly wants to offer up a new look doubling as exclusives to get Comic-Con attendees even more excited. While creativity has always been great for LEGO, they have no doubt won many over by partnering up with these various franchises.

This new BrickHeadz line clearly has a specific look to them, which some will be jazzed about. It seems a bit obvious to call them rather blocky, but there is an emphasis on that aspect, which is right there in the name and everything. For those on board with the design, it is cool to see the specific pairings. Having Batman and the Joker together, along with Black Panther and Doctor Strange, are fun ways to get this new line moving. It will just be a matter of whether the LEGO fans will be able to break through the crowds and get one in time.

Comic-Con International 2016 will take place in San Diego, CA from July 21st-24th.

Source: USA Today

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