Screen Rant’s Comic-Con 2018 Guide

Screen Rant Comic-Con Guide

It's the best (read: busiest) time of year for movie fans: San Diego Comic-Con 2018. From July 19-22, Southern California becomes Nerd Mecca, with over one-hundred-thousand fans of all creeds heading for the latest from the biggest names in movies, TV shows, games and comics. Screen Rant is right there on the convention floor and in Hall H to bring you the all the news, and here's an easy way to keep up to speed.

Once a traditional comic convention, SDCC has now become one of the biggest marketing opportunities for movies and TV shows of all descriptions. Exclusive panels are the highlight, with major news stories and trailers dropping throughout the weekend. And, while being there in San Diego is definitely an experience, the internet has made Comic-Con a global event.

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This year's SDCC has been regarded as an odd beast, with big-hitters the MCU, Star Wars, Game of Thrones and Westworld all sitting out the convention (albeit mainly due to the next release being too far off to begin the hype machine). But that doesn't mean there are not some big names. DC alone is bringing Aquaman, Shazam! and Wonder Woman 1984, who will share Warner Bros. panel with Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes of Grindelwald and Godzilla: King of the Monsters. Universal have Glass and Halloween, Fox The Predator and Deadpool 2's directors cut, Sony Venom and Spider-Man: Into The Spider-Verse, Paramount Bumblebee, The CW all of the Arrowverse shows and more, BBC Doctor Who and Marvel even have plenty of non-MCU offerings.

Comic-Con 2018 Trailers

Trailers are the creme de la creme of SDCC, with some of the biggest upcoming movies releasing their first teasers - this year including Aquaman and Glass - and many more giving fresh footage - Venom and possibly Mowgli. Here's everything released so far (and what you can expect over the weekend):

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Major Trailers

Comic-Con 2018 Footage Descriptions

Not every movie present will release a trailer, but what most will offer up is exclusive footage for those in attendance at the panel. While this footage rarely releases online, we'll be there to provide full descriptions and analysis of what is shown:

Comic-Con 2018 Biggest News

Aquaman and Mera

Aside from footage, Comic-Con is where some of the biggest reveals about upcoming movies and TV shows are made. Projects are announced, castings confirmed, and new details divulged. It's a whirlwind the keep up with, but we've got you covered.

Comic-Con 2018 Panel Info

Comic Con 2018 Aquaman and Godzilla

If you're interested in diving deep into the panels themselves, be warned: SDCC doesn't stream panels live, so they can't be watched until after the event. However, we'll be there covering all the big reveals. For more information about when various panels take place, check out the links below:

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More Information On Comic-Con 2018's Biggest Films

Shazam Movie Soda Snacks Comic Origins

A movie isn't just for Comic-Con, it's for the year-long marketing push! If your interest is piqued by any of the major movies, we have a wealth of information on what you can expect in the following pages:

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