Every Trailer Shown at Comic-Con 2017


Marvel's Inhumans makes its premiere in September. Originally set to be a fully-fledged MCU feature, it's now an IMAX series that will air on ABC. The first trailer got a rather muted reaction, with little making the show "pop".

The SDCC second trailer added in more actual plot and more visual flair - most note-worthy Medusa's magic hair - but is still yet to win round many of the series' doubters.

The Defenders


The Defenders made a big impact at SDCC, with confirmation that all four of the heroes will be getting another season (Iron Fist's future had previously been in doubt) and finally some details on villain Alexandra. The trailer was really the icing on the cake.

And what icing. Showing more of the angry quartet interacting - including plenty of put-downs of Danny Rand - and a better sense of the show's narrative drive, it looks like the Marvel/Netflix deal has led to another winner.

The Gifted


SDCC may have brought news that it isn't going to have any X-Men movie crossovers, but The Gifted still looks to be very in-tune with the mutant world. We've already got a couple of teasers for this, but SDCC gave a proper feel for the show.

The official trailer really shows the extent of the mutant powers, as well as highlighting how this show will be very much dealing with the social parallels of "coming out" as a mutant.



All The CW superhero shows showed new footage, but most did it as part of special recap reels that segued into new footage. First, Supergirl, which sees Kara moving beyond her human alter ego.



Legends of Tomorrow


The Flash


Black Lightning





Teasers for SYFY's Superman prequel found their way online a couple of months ago but were swiftly removed. The channel has clearly been keeping the nature of Krypton, specifically its relation to the DCEU, a closely guarded secret, but now they're finally giving up some details.

The official trailer is just 20-seconds long, but it gives a taste of the visual scope of the series as well as pretty much confirming that Man of Steel connection.



Like Game of Thrones in the middle of its current season, Preacher had to play a dangerous game at SDCC, but did it admirably. Arseface masks aside, the panel was a raucous affair, and for those at home there was of course a new trailer.

Showing a lot more than previous season trails, the real talking point was the introduction of Herr Starr, who... well, watch for yourself.


That's all for now, but be sure to check back to Screen Rant over the weekend as more trailers are added.

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