Every Trailer Shown at Comic-Con 2017

Game of Thrones

Coming just after the Season 7 premiere, Game of Thrones was limited in what it could show or reveal at SDCC 2017; anything too forward thinking would be far too spoilery. As such, the panel was rather devoid of major information.

Thankfully, the accompanying trailer did provide several major points of interest, including teasing the prospect of Jon and Dany finally meeting as well as marking the return of Melisandre, who is now lending her magic skills to the Targaryen Queen.

Stranger Things


Just a year ago the world was just getting acquainted with 1980s throwback Stranger Things, now it has its own panel on the biggest day of SDCC. Barb would be so happy.

The panel was mostly tight-lipped, but the new trailer spoke an Upside Down's worth. Everything looks bigger and more ambitious, without losing the nostalgic homage that made the series such a hit in the first place.



HBO's newest hit, Westworld has a mammoth gap between its first and second season, so any information is greatly appreciated. Despite only recently started shooting, the SDCC trailer is more than enough to tide audiences over, bringing back most of the key characters and promising plenty of robot uprising action.

The Walking Dead

Despite criticisms of Season 7, The Walking Dead remains one of the biggest shows on TV and after an assured correction after the Season 6 cliffhanger, hopes are high for Season 8.

We now have a good idea of what the next run of episodes will contain thanks to a five-minute trailer that slowly built up the threat of Negan and the ever-expanding tribal conflict. The highlight, though, has to be a white-haired Rick waking up at the end, teasing the two-year jump from the comics.

Fear The Walking Dead


The Walking Dead's spinoff prequel was also at SDCC, with a panel just before the main run. Fear the Walking Dead has now earned its own, more modest following and is certainly standing on its own, to the point a crossover between the two show's is exciting for multiple reasons.

The trailer for Fear Season 3.5 is more standard than its TWD counterpart but does a good job of keeping the focus on the characters - including several returning faces.

Star Trek: Discovery


It may feel like it's been traveling light years to get here, but the new Star Trek TV series is just a couple of months away. After a very stop-start development, things are finally coming together and it's looking pretty solid.

The SDCC trailer highlights both the galactic political situation with the Klingons and the various members of the Discovery crew (and continues the recent Star Trek tradition of out-of-place music).

Doctor Who


The 2017 Christmas Special of Doctor Who was always going to be an event, seeing as it will end Peter Capaldi's time in the TARDIS - doubly so since the casting of Jodie Whittaker as his replacement. But Stephen Moffat isn't leaving lightly.

After teasing the First Doctor at the end of Season 10, the SDCC trailer confirmed a World War I story involving the earliest and most recent incarnation of the Time Lord, a canon-expanding end to a mammoth run.

Teen Wolf




Stargate: Origins


One of the biggest surprises of SDCC 2017 was the announcement of Stargate: Origins, an online prequel series that will spin off from SG-1 that will dive deep into the series mythology.

Even though the series is set to debut in the fall, the announcement/teaser trailer shown used only pre-existing footage from the previous show and original movie to alluide at what is intended to be an important part of the 25-year-old franchise.

American Horror Story: Cult


Anticipation has been high leading into SDCC for American Horror Story's seventh season, with a string of teasers for the story's name getting fans ready for a big reveal. As some people guessed, the new run will be sub-titled Cult, which is foreboding before you even consider how genuinely skin-crawling AHS dependably is.

Because the reveal is the story, the teaser was more a mood setter than anything else - and it does it well. A cult of clowns is scary no matter what phobias you hold.

Voltron: Legendary Defender


Netflix's reboot of Voltron has proven to be one of the best examples of their Originals model, highlighting how the streaming season approach can lead to a diverse set of shows. The 1980s nostalgia doesn't hurt either.

The third season has a major question hanging regarding Shiro's absence, although the new trailer released at SDCC kept the focus firmly on the action and visuals.



History Channel's Vikings is due an update, with the fifth season expected to shift focus to the next generation. The big news out of SDCC for the show was a November premiere date, but of course there was also a trailer!

The tease pulled no punches, promising a major civil war as brothers fight to rule.

Rocko’s Modern Life: Static Cling


If there's one show ripe for a nostalgic return it's Rocko's Modern Life - it's a cartoon all about living in the 1990s. Reboot movie Static Cling was announced recently and had a strong SDCC presence.

The highlight was a short trailer/clip that brought Rocko, Heffer and Filburt into the 21st Century, showing their complete bewilderment with all sorts of modern affectations.

The Orville


Dirk Gently's Holistic Detective Agency

Dirk Gently released its first Season 2 trailer recently, so more at SDCC was unlikely. What they did show was a "Sneak Peak" clip of Dirk imagining escape with a little help from Todd and the God of Thunder.

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