Every Trailer Shown at Comic-Con 2017

Comic-Con 2017 has brought with it dozens of new trailers. To help you keep track of every major release, we've put them all together in one place.

SDCC Trailers Final

San Diego Comic-Con may boast endless panels and more exclusives than you can shake a replica lightsaber at, but what it's really all about is the trailers. This is the unqiue time of year when studios know they have a captive worldwide audience and so release fresh looks at all variety of movies, from hyped indies to the biggest blockbusters of the next twelves months (and beyond).

There's so many, in fact, it's near impossible to keep track of. But worry not, we're here to help. Here's a rundown of all of the trailers released online from the convention. We'll be updating across the weekend as more come in.

Due to the sheer amount of trailers embedded, we've split them over three pages:

Movie Trailers (This Page)

Justice League


One of the big headliners of SDCC 2017, Justice League took prime position in Warner Bros. two-hour panel. The trailer released is a whopping four minutes long and gives a comprehensive view of the movie.

It's definitely looking set to address many concerns with the DCEU thus far, with a more balanced tone and strongly defined characters. Unfortunately, the Aquaman footage that played in the same panel was not released.

Thor: Ragnarok


Marvel let some people down by only releasing one of their four lots of footage online, but given that it was the highly anticipated Thor: Ragnarok most are likely going to give them a pass.

Still having the vibrant sci-fi inflections of the previous teaser, this new official trailer had more in the way of serious stakes and epic scope. Kirby would be proud.

Kingsman: The Golden Circle

Kingsman: The Golden Circle was Fox's big movie of the convention, and they actually released the trailer ahead of the opening day Hall H panel in a move to get the ball rolling.

This second trailer followed up a very impressive first teaser with more incredible scoring and a better look at Kingsman's U.S. counterpart, The Statesmen. Curiously, Colin Firth was back without any mystery. The panel brought with it more footage in the form of an Archer crossover and an unreleased showreel.

Pacific Rim: Uprising


It will be five years after Pacific Rim when sequel Uprising finally arrives in cinemas, which in modern terms means it's essentially a franchise jump-start. After all, the first movie was only a moderate success, but Legendary have big hopes for the follow-up.

The teaser released for SDCC is an in-universe propaganda piece and very much about re-education of the basic premise - manned mechs Jaegers were made to fight invading kaiju. It also features the first appearance of John Boyega's character, a casting that will likely set Uprising above the original.

Ready Player One


Warners other big movie, this was if anything more of a show-stopper than Justice LeagueReady Player One was anticipated by fans of the book, but was otherwise an unknown proposition.

The trailer did a superb job of selling the VR premise and 1980s culture dominance, and will likely go down as many people's favorite of the whole weekend.


A reboot/continuation of the Saw franchise, there's been a lot of skepticism about Jigsaw; obvious titling aside, Saw: The Final Chapter rounded off the series in terms of story and quality.

This new trailer is unlikely to win any new fans, but an interesting return of Tobin Bell, several intriguing multi-part traps, a murder mystery and overall polish definitely makes it look like Halloween once again means Saw.


Netflix had a major presence at SDCC 2017. Their biggest film was David Ayer's Bright, a fantasy police thriller where Will Smith's hardened cop is forced to team up with Joel Edgerton's heavily-makeup-ed orc.

The trailer promises a movie just as bonkers as that premise suggests, with high-budget visuals and plot involving a magic wand that grants anybody's deepest wishes.

The LEGO Ninjago Movie


LEGO's domination of the multiplex is pretty much confirmed by this point. Following The LEGO Batman Movie, they're bringing one of their own properties to the screen with Ninjago. Despite limited interest outside of the LEGO fanbase, everything so far looks very promising.

The new trailer features more of the classic tongue-in-cheek jokes, although the real highlight is the introduction of a live-action cat - remember, all these movies take place in the real world - dubbed Meow-thra. Brilliant!

Death Note

Death Note has been a highly controversial Netflix Original care of the deemed cultural appropriation of the Manga adaptation. The panel (shared with Bright) was heavily focused on shifting this viewpoint. There was no new full trailer, but a clip released online did offer a key scene.

Showing the first meeting between Light and Ryuk, it gave fans their first proper look at Willem Dafoe in the menacing latter role. A major step-up from expectations, we'll find out if the full movie delivers next month.

Brigsby Bear

Not your usual SDCC movie, Brigsby Bear is a festival hit that's making its domestic opening in just a week's time. The film follows a kidnapped baby now grown-up discovering the wider world and with it that Brigsby Bear, the TV show made by his captors, is fake, leading to an obsession with making his own version.

After an ethereal teaser last month, the new trailer provides a brief introduction to this plot, but is more about the general style, showing the creativity of former SNL director Dave McCary and drawing attention to its great reviews.

The Ice Cream Man


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