Comic-Con 2014: Nerd HQ Wants Your Donation to Some Good Geek Fun

For the past few years Zac Levi's (Chuck) Nerd HQ has hosted some of Comic-Con's best off-site events - but they need your help for Comic-Con 2014.

Nerd HQ Donations - Zac Levi

If you've ever attended the San Diego Comic-Con International then you are probably aware of the fact that the official convention is only part of the experience. During Comic-Con, most of downtown San Diego is transformed into a mecca of geek culture and fun; restaurants take on geek themes for the weekend, clubs, bars and movie theaters become communal hubs for socializing and mingling - and of course, third-party vendors cram in wherever they can, ready to expand the Comic-Con experience beyond the doors of the convention hall, for all those eager to take part.

Nerd HQ is a particularly popular example of these "Comic-Con expansions" of the last few years. The event was created by The Nerd Machine, a company founded by Chuck and Thor 2 star Zac Levi, and it offers all sorts of geeky goodness that arguably brings fans closer to the movies, shows, actors and creators they love, while also offering some pretty fun ways for fans to also get closer to one another in their shared love of nerdy pursuits. (The company name and motto seek to redefine the "nerd" stigma in a positive light.)

Last year, Nerd HQ held events that made real waves during the convention. Thor star Tom Hiddleston impersonated a raptor, Stan Lee took photos with fans, parties were the talk of both regular attendees and us snobby industry types; they even showed Joss Whedon's cult-classic film Serenity at a mass fan screening held in Petco Park, home of the San Diego Padres baseball team.

Best yet: none of the events cost attendees a dime; entry was free.

Nerd HQ Comic-Con 2013 - Matt Smith, Zac Levi and Richard Madden
'Doctor Who' star Matt Smith, 'Chuck' star Zac Levi and 'Game of Thrones' star Richard Madden at Nerd HQ 2013

Here's the rub: Nerd HQ needs funding for Comic-Con 2014, and like so many others, they've turned to an Indiegogo campaign to help make it happen. In previous years, Nerd Machine was able to secure funding from vendors and promoters - but apparently that's not the case this year (Zac Levi will explain it all to you in the video above). The company is asking for your help, and as people who have enjoyed the fruits of their labors in the past, we're helping to spread the word (and yes we donated, in case you're wondering...).


Quick FAQs

  • You are donating money to fund production of Nerd HQ events at Comic-Con 2014 - NOT to charity.
  • At the Nerd HQ Comic-Con events, money WILL be raised to support the Operation Smile charity.
  • Even if you can't attend Comic-Con and/or Nerd HQ in person, incentives for contribution include access to exclusive content updates during the convention, Nerd HQ interviews streamed online for free - and more. It is, after all, a company designed to cater to fans...


Official Statement

Nerd Machine Logo

Below you'll find official facts and details from the Nerd HQ indiegogo page:

The "I Want My Nerd HQ" Campaign is very simple. We need your support for Nerd HQ 2014. The funding strategy we have been using to produce Nerd HQ is no longer viable due to venue deadlines and the commitments required by the Nerd Machine to properly plan the event. We wish we could continue to subsidize the event ourselves, but we simply no longer can. We believe in our hearts that YOU will help to ensure Nerd HQ can continue to offer an amazing FREE experience for fans in San Diego, fans watching online, and all the children we are able to help through the funds you contribute during Nerd HQ for Operation Smile. To date, the Nerd Machine has raised over$415,000 dollars for the charity.

This part is very important. We want to make it very clear that the money you are contributing for Nerd HQ is not going to charityThe funds raised here will pay for the production of Nerd HQ in San Diego this July. 100% of the money raised by the "Conversations," auction items, photos, and signings will continue to be donated to Operation Smile. In 2013, Nerd HQ raised $215,000 for the charity.

Production costs include venue, staging, production crew, event lighting, video, audio, staff, security, and activations. These costs are very expensive and every dollar you donate will make a difference. It is up to YOU, to help us make HQ happen. We will continue the search for sponsors in order to make the event the most amazing HQ ever and bring you, the fans, the most dynamic "Conversations" and the newest in gaming and technology. Not to mention the most epic nights Nerd HQ has ever seen.

For those who have experienced our event, you know how amazing Nerd HQ is. For those of you that have not, we simply ask that you go to our YouTube page and watch a few "Conversations." We believe these amazingly unique and inspiring panels will give you all the reason you need to support our cause.

Nerd HQ Donations - Zac Levi

Bottom line: If this sounds like the sort of Comic-Con 2014 experience you would like to be a part of (whether in person or from afar), then consider a donation. As an added incentive - Here is Loki himself, Tom Hiddleston!


Nerd HQ will be held during the 2014 San Diego Comic-Con, which takes place from July 24-27, 2014.

Source: Nerd HQ Indiegogo

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