Comic-Con 2014 Pre-Registration Badge Sales: Details & Instructions

NOTE: "Pre-Registration" Is only available for people who attended Comic-Con 2013Regular registration will take place at a later date.

Hardcore fans everywhere know of the geek mecca that is the San Diego Comic-Con International - and they also know how hard it is to actually get into it. Every year, thousands of people overcrowd the San Diego Convention Center (and most of the downtown Gas Lamp district) for four days straight - to the point that restrictions on registration have become tighter than ever, in order control the human traffic and hopefully provide a more pleasant experience for 'Con goers. (No doubt so that the event stays in San Diego for at least a few more years.)

For the 2014 Comic-Con Pre-Registration badge sales - which will take place at 7am PST on Saturday, February 8th - there will be a couple of new twists thrown in. Unlike past years, buyers will NOT have the option to purchase a four-day pass for the entire event, but will rather have to purchase individual badges for the respective days of the convention. A second big change will be the process of registration: the first come, first serve model is now gone. Pre-registration will now be organized by a randomized cyber waiting room that does not reward early arrivals; WATCH THE VIDEO ABOVE for specific instructions on what this new process is all about.

Comic Con 2014 Badge Sales Pre-Registration

In the last few years, eager Con-goers could stage mass cyber-strikes on the Comic-Con website the second the badges went on sale - which could quickly snag them badges, to be sure, but also had the unfortunate side-effect of possibly crashing the Comic-Con site - not to mention causing badges to sell out quite rapidly. And, with badges gone in the blink of an eye, those who missed the window of opportunity would come back the following year with their own cyber strike strategy on badge day, and the vicious cycle just spun on and on...

Hopefully, the new registration and badge systems will straighten out some of the logistical issues that Comic-Con has experienced in the last few years (we speak from a collection of personal experiences).


The 2014 San Diego Comic-Con International will take place on July 24-27, 2014 in San Diego, CA.

Source: Comic-Con

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