The Comic-Con 2012 Experience: A Photo Tour

Comic-Con 2012 Photo Tour

Though Comic-Con 2012 may have come to a close, the memories (and sicknesses passed amongst overworked journalists) will remain. For those unable to visit the four-day geekcentric gala, the question most often asked of those who attend is “What is Comic-Con like?” To put it simply, it’s nice – everyone is nice, everything is nice. It’s fun for all, young and old, geeks and non-geeks. Some people can be not as nice, but that’s not typical of the average 'Con attendee.

Like Disney World (but with longer lines), filled with folks that just “get” one another, Comic-Con is a free-for-all of creativity, consumerism, community and fandom. While waiting to see your favorite movie and/or TV show may take up much of your time, there’s much more than panels on Iron Man 3 and Doctor Who to keep you entertained.

And so, for you inquiring minds who wonder what the 'Con experience is like, we have put together a photo tour of Comic-Con 2012 – to help you get a better sense of what this slice of Americana life is all about.

If you're not the slideshow type, you can check out all of the photos together in the gallery below...

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