Comic-Con 2012: 'Elementary' Panel

Sherlock Holmes comes to New York City in the new CBS drama Elementary. The show features Johnny Lee Miller as Holmes and Lucy Liu as his sidekick, Dr. Joan Watson. If you're interested in the program, the cast and crew will be participating in a panel at Comic Con 2012 where they will tell us what we can loo forward to.

Screen Rant will be there to cover the Elementary sneak preview along with the panel discussion featuring cast members Jonny Lee Miller and Lucy Liu and executive producers Robert Doherty and Carl Beverly.

If you're attending the convention, you can check out the panel yourself at 7:00 PM Pacific Time in Ballroom 20. If not, keep it parked right here and for the latest on this intriguing new program.

4:40PM:Elementary panel is set to start in a few moments…Sherlock Holmes is back on the case.

5:32PM:Cast of Elementary was just introduced. Let the panel begin.

5:34PM:Liu: “Rob was really thinking outside the box…” in casting a female as Watson.

5:41PM:On whether he would use the Sherlock Holmes stories readers already know or if he would create new ones, show creator Rob Doherty stated the following: “We love the original stories. We love the original books…What we love is the relationship.” However, he wants to create new stories for the series and build off of the characters we already know.

5:44PM:Audience question: How are you responding to the criticism that Watson is female and Asian?

Liu responded that her career has often been about criticism but in taking on a controversial role, she said, “You have to be a pioneer.” She added that “When you do stuff, it’s not always to please other people. It’s to please yourself.”

5:47PM:Asked about playing such a well-known character, Miller said that because the character has been adapted so many times, it takes a lot of pressure off but he goes back to the original books to try to recapture the character.

5:49PM:Liu notes that other adaptations didn’t focus on Holmes’ drug issues but the show and CBS are brave enough to take that controversial situation on.

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