Comic-Con 2011: Relativity Media 'Raven' & 'Haywire' Panel

Raven Haywire Panel Comic-Con 2011

Relativity Media, the distributor that brought moviegoers a slew of titles including Battle: Los Angeles and The Immortals is set to unveil two high-profile properties at Comic Con 2011The Raven, starring John Cusask, and Haywire, featuring mixed martial artist, Gina Carano.

While not traditional Comic Con geek-bait, Relativity's panel should offer-up some interesting details - not to mention footage from two of this year's more intriguing premises.

In case you're unfamiliar, The Raven follows Edgar Allan Poe (Cusack) as he teams-up with a Boston detective to help solve a string of murders that appear to draw inspiration from the writer's body of work. The film was directed by James McTeigue (Ninja Assassin).

In addition, Relativity will also be featuring Haywire, directed by Stephen Soderbergh (Ocean's Eleven) - a thriller chocked to the brim with double agents and double crossing, starring superstar martial artist, Gina Carano.

Check out our live blog coverage below for up to the minute details, happenings, and first-ever footage:


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Haywire will hit U.S. theaters on January 20th, 2012.

The Raven swoops into theaters on March 9th 2012

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