Comic-Con 2011: Damon Lindelof & Charlize Theron Talk 'Prometheus' in 3D

Prometheus Panel Comic-Con 2011

Writer Damon Lindelof and star Charlize Theron came to Comic-Con 2011 to discuss Ridley Scott's upcoming film Prometheus. While the big question is how it connects to the original Alien movies, we were curious about how the dark tone of the movie will translate to 3D - which already darkens the image significantly.

Of course, Ridley Scott would be the best man to talk to about the 3D footage in Prometheus, but Lindelof and Theron gave a passionate response promoting the use of 3D and its impact on the movie. After listening to them, we are a bit more confident that Prometheus might be a great 3D space adventure.

Lindelof even went as far to say that Prometheus was "literally designed for 3D." Much of the, likely, enormous budget for Prometheus may have gone towards the practical sets created for the film. The two were passionate about Scott's dedication to keeping as many practical effects as possible. In fact, the only mention of CGI used was for on-set pre-viz of external space visuals - which no budget in movie history could afford to actually shoot.

Watch Lindelof and Theron answer our question regarding the use of 3D in Prometheus, below:


Our coverage of the Hall H panel for Prometheus provides a broader range of questions regarding the film. It even includes a special video appearance from Ridley Scott, who chimed in on some queries from the anxious crowd.

If the main goal of this film is to "scare the living sh** out of you," it's intriguing to see how Ridley Scott uses 3D to bring us into his world. The best way to scare audiences is to immerse them in a fictional environment and attack from all angles.

prometheus official image

Are you excited about the prospect of a 3D Ridley Scott movie or does the dark tone of this film worry you that it might be tough to see - and subsequently enjoy?

Prometheus is scheduled to launch into theaters on June 8th, 2012.

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