Comic-Con 2011: Our Favorite Moments

Screen Rant Favorite moments and highlights from Sand Diego Comic-Con 2011

Comic-Con can be a whirlwind experience - especially if you're one of the press, scrambling frantically from panels to interviews to premieres, parties, and back again, in an effort to provide the most comprehensive coverage for your loyal readers ;-) . In fact, it's only when the 'Con is said and done that one can truly sit back (catch up on sleep) and fully process the gravity (and oddity) of what has occurred.

Now that we've had a day or so to get our real-world bearings again, we're ready to talk about the fantastical world of this year's San Diego Comic-Con.

We had a crack 8-man, 1-woman team of Screen Rant staffers covering all of the 'Con's TV/Movie events this year, and suffice to say, between the 9 of us, we walked away with a few stories to tell.

Below you'll find testimony from each member of our 2011 Comic-Con team, detailing their favorite (or at least most memorable) experiences from the convention. Some stories tell of epic parties, others of epic panels - and there's even one tale about an actor whose off-screen persona seems a little too reminiscent of the questionable character he plays on TV.

So, without further ado, here are the standout stories of Comic-Con 2011, as told by our Screen Rant crew:


Comic-Con 2011: Our Favorite Moments

Vic Holtreman : Partying With Orci

vic holtreman bob orci dusk til con party comic con 2011

My Comic-Con highlight would have to be finally having a chance to sit down and chat with Roberto Orci (writer Transformers 1&2, Star Trek 1&2) in an informal, off-the-record setting at the Dusk til Con party. Also, one of the main reasons I go to the Con is so I can catch up face to face with my fellow movie site writers and with the Screen Rant crew - and I've never had as many Screen Rant fans come up to me to tell me they love the site as I did this year - THAT was awesome!

If I were to pick an actual Comic-Con event, I would have to say it was the Amazing Spider-Man panel - the footage they showed has gone quite a way towards convincing me that I might actually like the new film better than the original - oh, and walking on the red carpet at the Cowboys & Aliens premiere was pretty damned awesome, too. :)


Kofi Outlaw: DJ Favreau

jon favreau dj a party at comic con 2011 with faizon love

My favorite moment of Comic-Con 2011 was when Jon Favreau (Iron Man, Cowboys & Aliens) stepped out onstage at the Latino Review party and proceeded to DJ. As a Queens, NY native, Favreau knows how to rock a party right - mixing house beats into classic hip-hop, with an ear for transitions that was downright impressive for a Hollywood director. With his friend (actor/comedian Faizon Love) as his hype-man, Favreau rocked the party long after his initial one or two-hour commitment. In fact, he rocked that party so hard, one guy had to get hauled out on a stretcher: the hallmark of a good shindig.

Oh, and did I mention: As you can see above, Favreau's Macbook Pro has a decal of Iron Man on the cover, positioned just right so that the glowing Apple insignia serves as Iron Man's arc reactor. Totally Badass.


Rob Keyes: My Spidey-Sense is Tearing

Andrew Garfield as Spider-Man at Comic-Con 2011

My favorite moment of Comic-Con 2011 took place during what was arguably the biggest and best film panel this year had to offer. Sony Pictures brought four films to Hall H this year and while introducing their fourth and final panel for The Amazing Spider-Man, the moderator was rudely interrupted by a fan wearing a typical Spider-Man costume who wanted to say a few words. That fan was Andrew Garfield and what followed was a moment that solidified the young Brit actor as the right man for the film and the right man for the fans.

Nervous and emotional, Garfield read off his notes to explain how he wanted to attend his first Comic-Con as a fan first, and how Spider-Man has affected his life from when he was a child, how much this role means to him. It was a genuinely touching moment and was only made better by fantastic footage of their work.


Ben Kendrick: The Spielberg Cometh

steven spielberg greets a fan at comic con 2011

This year, one of the most significant and electrifying moments of the show wasn't about what's to come - it was about tapping into where we've been. When fan-favorite director Steven Spielberg took to the stage for the first time ever at Comic-Con, he received a standing ovation from 6,500 Hall H attendees - fans who fell in love with scary movies watching Jaws and learned about friendship from E.T. and Elliot.

Of course Spielberg, as well as Peter Jackson (who was also in attendance), showed exclusive footage from The Adventures of Tintin: Secret of the Unicorn - but, when the hall cleared, I was left thinking less about the film and more about the growing Comic-Con phenomenon. While it might be easy for cynics to simply dismiss the event as a mindless celebration of geek-fandom, anyone who has attended a Comic-Con knows that it's a magical (and at the same time bizarre) experience, where fans and filmmakers are allowed to relish in each other's passions.

At the panel, Spielberg, one of the most celebrated and influential filmmakers in the history of Hollywood, best summed the experience:

"I wouldn't be here if it wasn't for you. I feel like I should be out there in the audience with you and not up here. We're all in the same world together."

Failed Foreign policy, Girlfights, and the nicest guy in showbiz...

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