Comic-Con 2010: Sony's Salt & Battle: Los Angeles

Angelina Jolie in Salt at Comic-Con 2010

Sony Pictures' Comic-Con 2010 presentation this year covers two film, one of which, Salt, which opens tonight at midnight and another that we've seen practically nothing for in next year's Battle: Los Angeles.

Screen Rant is reporting live for this presentation so check in frequently to see what we find out from these two flicks.


The panel for Sony began with Salt where we were introduced to Angelina Jolie, Liev Schreiber along with the director Phillip Noyce and producer Lorenzo di Bonaventura.

We were presented with a new trailer which really emphasized the action-packed moments of the film. The character of Salt likes to fall and or jump off of every vehicle or structure.

This is Jolie's first action role based in reality and the action packed moments, while perhaps far-fetched or extreme, are shot and demonstrated in a more real, harsher and gritty fashion.

Other than this, with the film opening tomorrow, we were not shown much else. Most of the time was allocated for Q&A where we get the usual responses without revealing details or key plot points. A highlight was Schreiber going through a long list of reasons as to what would make him not want to perform a stunt and let his double do it instead.

Salt opens July 23, 2010.

Battle: Los Angeles

Battle: Los Angeles Comic-Con

We've seen very little other than a few character shots on set for the upcoming Aaron Eckhart starrer, Battle: Los Angeles. Sharing the stage with Angelina Jolie's Salt for Sony Pictures Entertainment's Comic-Con 2010 panel presentation, is a movie you all soon will be excited for.

The panel began with a long-awaited extended trailer for Battle: Los Angeles and it was incredible. Starting with a real 1942 event about an unexplained UFO incident, we are introduced to an alien invasion coming next year and in the middle of it, a platoon looking for survivors in Los Angeles, the location of one of the most important battles.

Excitement, drama, intensity, real, exhilaration and fear are all words I'd use to describe what we saw. The only comparison I'd make is saying this is Black Hawk Down meets Independence Day, with a hint of District 9.

The cast went through boot camp and intense weapons training to learn how to live, speak and portray Marines in the most accurate way possible for the film.

Stay tuned for live-coverage of Battle: Los Angeles!

Written by Christopher Bertolini and directed by Jonathan Liebesman, Battle: Los Angeles opens March 11, 2011.

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