Marvel Studios Presents Thor, Captain America... And The Avengers [Updated]

Marvel Studios panel for Thor, Avengers, Captain America at Comic-Con

[Update: Check out video of the Marvel Panel!]

Arguably the most anticipated presentation of Comic-Con 2010, the Marvel Studios panel takes place today at 6pm in Hall H. It is of course the real introduction to Thor and The First Avenger: Captain America.

Screen Rant was present in the first row to give you the live coverage and share with you all of the major announcements. Check out what happened play-by-play and how we, the fans, were introduced to Jeremy Renner as Hawkeye and Mark Ruffalo as Bruce Banner.


Geoff Boucher (LA Times) is moderating. Kevin Feige, Marvel president of production first introduced. Boucher asks him to talk about Thor and Captain America.

  • Feige says there was some skepticism that this could happen back when they announced the line-up of films 2 years ago. At end of this panel, he promises that skepticism will be gone.


Captain America


The panel tarted with a Captain America vignette loaded with 1941 World War 2 footage. It featured text talking about meeting the first Avenger, overlayed with shapes and colors of Captain America's shield.

Panelists come on stage include Feige, director Joe Johnston, Chris Evans and Hugo Weaving who of course, plays the Red Skull.

Captain America Footage:

Scene with Hugo Weaving pre-scar searching for Odin's Jewel with a Nazi contingent. His voice and accent are awesome and the aesthetic and tone is very Indiana Jones. It looks good and it ends with Red Skull showing his intelligence and finding the hidden jewel which fires out a very bright glow at Weaving's character.



Kenneth Branagh was just introduced on stage! He explains he wasn't too familiar with American comics. He knew Batman and Spidey but he was very interested in Thor, from its story to its name. "It completely captured (his) imagination."

Thor Footage:

One of the audience members asked about Edward Norton (he led up to the question by asking Kevin Feige not to get mad) until he was muted. They explain the usual, that Hulk is bigger than an actor and that he will live on. Feige hints that the panel is not over yet...

The Avengers

After coming together front stage for photos and waving to the crowd, the epic cast heads off stage and that ends the Hall H film presentations of Comic-Con 2010.

If you're into the Marvel vs. DC debate, Marvel blew everything away with this presentation. I've never seen so much talent in such a short amount of time. Everyone here is ecstatic.

Update: Now you can see The Avengers for yourself in this video shot by our own Mike Eisenberg!


And here is your first look at The Avengers, all together for the first time:

The cast of The Avengers
The Avengers cast at Comic-Con 2010

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Thor opens May 5, 2011; The First Avenger: Captain America hits July 22, 2011 and The Avengers is scheduled to debut May 4, 2012.

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