Comic-Con 2010: Green Lantern Panel

Green Lantern movie panel at Comic-Con 2010

It's day 3 of Comic-Con 2010 and to kick-off the movie segment of the convention is Warner Bros. with their three-part panel presentation for Green Lantern, Sucker Punch and Harry Potter.

Here we'll cover the Green Lantern panel live as it happens and let you know what we see, what we hear and what special announcements are made.

The DC Entertainment/Green Lantern presentation comes in with big expectations. With the recent news about Batman 3 and the Superman reboot, along with hints about special announcements occurring here at Comic-Con, we expect announcements regarding The Flash and Justice League.

It has begun!

  • Moderator for WB panel from LA Times Hero Complex introduced, starts off quoting with Green Lantern oath.
  • Geoff Johns first to come out on stage.
  • Panelists to include Ryan Reynolds, Blake Lively, Peter Sarsgaard, Mark Strong, Martin Campbell, Donald DeLine, Greg Berlanti
  • Started off with footage from movie with epic sound, very cool and slick... almost different footage
  • Footage included special effects shots of ring, aliens, power and an off-world scene

Cast came out on stage and Ryan Reynolds is asked about turning to characters like Han Solo for inspiration. He admittedly didn't know too much about the property and met with Martin Campbell to go over what he wanted to do with the character and what he needed to accomplish.

  • Martin Campbell asked about costume. They lost the white gloves, looked cooler and more interesting without them.
  • Costume is still a work in progress. It's more of a "skin" than a costume, with muscular lines.
  • Lord of the Rings costume designer working on costume - amazingly talented.
  • Donald DeLine talks about locations and that they'll be taking audiences to the center of the universe, to the planet Oa. We will see the 3600 Green Lanterns.
  • We will see all the famous and fan-favorite characters.
  • I want Geoff Johns' job.
  • Johns says when he first worked with Rich Donner 10 years ago on this project. Someone asked if they can do without the ring... bad start and he thought we'd never see a Green Lantern movie.
  • "Yesterday's weather report was actual fire" says Ryan Reynolds when asked about shooting in hot New Orleans.
  • Three weeks of shooting left to go.
  • Moderator brings up wife working for Marvel, asked if it causes issues at home. Laughs and jokes all around. Reynolds says there's a lot more comic books lying around then your normal married couple... or maybe not from looking around Hall H.

We all want more footage but now time for audience Q&A.

  • Panel asked about Green Lantern being start to DC shared movie universe. Geoff Johns: A lot of DC projects coming up. I can't talk about them here.
  • How Reynolds met for the part: He met with Campbell who showed him concept art of the words and immediately Reynolds begged for the part.
  • Reynolds screen-tested a few times because he wanted to be sure he was right for the role as well as the folks at DC/WB.
  • Panel asked if they had to dress up for Comic-Con who'd they be. Reynolds says Wookie so he can be cute and dangerous; Lively wants to be Harry Potter, Sarsgaard says Captain America, Geoff Johns says "Ryan Reynolds" and Greg Berlanti says Flash (hint hint).
  • A cute kid wearing GL t-shirt asks Ryan Reynolds what it was like to say the Green Lantern oath. Laughs and "awwws" everywhere. Reynolds says "it goes a little like this" and recites the oath then signs a Green Lantern book for the kid then shows the audience the Green Lantern ring he's wearing!
  • Parallax is in movie - he's the physical manifestation of fear in the movie.
  • Reynolds gave his ring to one member in the audience - someone who had a sheet of paper under their chair.
  • The End.

Unfortunately there were no surprise announcements or confirmations of future projects.

If you missed them, check out the Abin Sur images from the floor of Comic-Con.

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Green Lantern opens in theaters on June 17, 2011.

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